Monday, December 23, 2013

Pet Product Review: Earth's Balance Pill Paste for Dogs

I don't know about you, but I have a hard time getting my dog to take his pills and have been hunting for something--anything--that would make him snarf them down like they were steak-liver-cheddar-pizza-tacos in jerky form (I've yet to find any jerky you can hide medication in).

We've tried a few things, including human food of various kinds, canned dog food, and Pill Pockets by Greenies. But nothing has been quite what we're looking for, so the hunt for an easy way to get our dog to take his pills continues.

Next up? Earth's Balance Pill Paste.

Earth's Balance Pill Paste in bacon and peanut butter flavors
Pill Paste and Desmond's morning meds
What attracted me to Pill Paste immediately was the fact that it isn't greasy or sticky. Typically, preparing Desmond's medications for ingestion involved grease marks on the counters and the need to wash your hands 19 times before you won't smell like dog-approved-flavor du jour anymore.

A non-greasy, non-stinky way to hide your pet's medication
Peanut buttery! 
The other awesome thing is that you can dispense as much or as little of it as you would like--meaning you can use just enough to cover the pill without extra treat that might cause your dog to actually have to chew on it. Thus avoiding Desmond biting into the pill and subsequently spitting it out while giving me a dirty look.

Two very intriguing qualities of Pill Paste, to say the least.

Their flavor offerings of peanut butter and bacon seemed pretty good, too. Desmond does actually like those human foods. Or at least he does when he's not being a picky little brat face.

(editor's note: every time i type a mean thing about desmond, i always turn to look at him--he tends to be nearby while i'm writing blog posts--because i feel kind of bad calling him names. right now he's napping on the couch with his head on the armrest and the light is coming in at an angle making him look downright movie-cliche angelic. *swoon* you're not really a brat face, desmond. i take it back. you're a handsome devil.)

The paste is also low in fat, doesn't crumble, and won't dry out. On top of this, Earth's Balance products are made in the USA and are, as the name might imply, earth friendly and natural.

But what does all of this mean? What was the outcome here?

Well, I definitely prefer this to the Pill Pockets. I really like that it's NOT greasy and gross and stinky. And I really like that I can use the exact amount I want, and it's easy to shape just enough around the pill without cracking and pieces crumbling off.

Pill Paste can be easily molded around the pills, using the minimum amount needed
Same three pills as shown above. This was the first time I used the paste, and I would say I used too much of it here.
Since then, I've used less and less. Easy peasy.
The canisters are supposed to last through 30 pills, but I think you can make it go farther.
Yes, I do know that you can take the Pill Pockets apart and use only as much as want, but they are seriously greasy. It's gross. And Desmond doesn't just take those as treats, so it's not like they even have that going for them.

I also really like that it comes in this tiny canister, like shoe polish size. It's very easy to store or pack up if you need to, say, hand it off to the pet sitter.

That being said, he didn't want anything to do with the Pill Paste either, really. I couldn't get him to take the pills as treats with the peanut butter flavor, but he did take the bacon flavor once with us just handing it to him like a treat, but I think that was more Desmond saying, "Ooh what is this new edible you have for me?"

For the most part, I think Desmond is just onto us. He knows what's up. And he's not going to fall for it. So the only real way to get him to take them at all is to include them with a bunch of other things he definitely wants. This is where jerky comes in handy (and canned dog food), as a decoy.

Tricking the dog into taking his pills
Trick AND Treat
I don't think there's any way to get around it. We have to just keep tricking him into eating these things. But I do think that I will make the switch to the Pill Paste. I prefer dealing with it and handling it over any of the other options we've tried so far. Pill Paste is the winner, as far as this human is concerned.

The hunt will continue, though. If I can find something that will make Desmond take the pills with no issues at all, I will buy it bulk and probably purchase some stock as well.

What do you use to get your dog to take his medication? Am I missing some great secret? Help me out in the comments!

[FTC disclaimer]: Earth's Balance provided us with 1 canister of peanut butter Pill Paste and 1 canister of bacon Pill Paste in exchange for an honest review of their product.

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