Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Work Stinks: Desmond Wants to Quit His Job

"So I was sitting in my cubicle today, and I realized, ever since I started working, every single day of my life has been worse than the day before it. So that means that every single day that you see me, that's on the worst day of my life." --Peter Gibbons

Desmond's getting a little sick of his day job. He's really become disillusioned with the whole damn system. And, frankly, he'd really like to put in his two weeks' notice. 

"I was told that I could listen to the radio at a reasonable volume from nine to eleven, I told Bill that if Sandra is going to listen to her headphones while she's filing then I should be able to listen to the radio while I'm collating so I don't see why I should have to turn down the radio because I enjoy listening at a reasonable volume from nine to eleven." --MW
"I don't care if they lay me off either, because I told, I told Bill that if they move my desk one more time, then, then I'm, I'm quitting, I'm going to quit. And, and I told Don too, because they've moved my desk four times already this year, and I used to be over by the window, and I could see the squirrels...but then, they switched from the Swingline to the Boston stapler, but I kept my Swingline stapler because it didn't bind up as much, and I kept the staples for the Swingline stapler and it's not okay because if they take my stapler then I'll set the building on fire... " --MW 
"The ratio of people to cake is too big." --MW
"PC LOAD LETTER That thing's lucky I'm not armed." --MB
"Why does it say 'Paper Jam' when there's no paper jam?!" --SN
"Mr. Lumbergh told me to talk to payroll and then payroll told me to talk to Mr. Lumbergh and I still haven't received my paycheck and he took my stapler and he never brought it back and then they moved my desk to storage room B and there was garbage on it..." --MW 

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