Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Hurricane Update Part 9: Desmond is Not Amused

Remember back in July when I told you guys we were probably going home soon? Well, we're still not home. And at this point, I'm no longer taking guesses as to when we will be, because that's not serving anyone here well. I feel like I'm waiting on line for concert tickets, and they sold out just before it was my turn to buy. We keep thinking we're going home, but then it just doesn't happen.

Recently, we had a setback involving a third flood (the first was the hurricane; the second was the burst pipe over the winter, which wouldn't have mattered had the water company actually shut our water off; the third now another burst pipe in our bathroom wall that was shooting water out for at least four days, causing that whole section of wall to need to be taken down and redone from the beginning), but when you've stopped feeling feelings it doesn't really matter much.

Nothing we can do. One day at a time. Count your blessings. Eat more cheese. Drink more wine.

There are folks in our neighborhood who are way worse off than we are and aren't even close to being able to go home. My heart breaks for them. It's weird that I can feel feelings for other people, but when it comes to our situation I am numb. Must be my body's defense mechanism. In any case, it should be over soon...ish? It's only been 325 days.

In the meantime, we've been going to the house for various things like meetings, inspections, deliveries, and the ever-challenging, demoralizing experience of putting together IKEA furniture. So we are getting closer to the end.

We've been bringing Desmond along, with his blanket and ball, in hopes of getting his smell back in the house and having him get a little more comfortable with that very-changed building. (One day, I will post a little before & after timeline for anyone who is interested of what the house looked like when we bought it versus pre-Sandy changes we made and post-Sandy rebuild. It's drastic.)

As per usual, Desmond is--say it with me now--not amused. He is super pissed off that we keep bringing him to a place where he cannot lie on a couch and burrow his nose into someone's thighs. He's also not a fan of loud noises, so putting together furniture in an emptyish, echo-y house is not really his idea of a good time. Here's some photographic evidence.

Annoyed about waiting outside with no grass to roll around in
Annoyed about the down-stay (though he's doing a lovely job)
Annoyed that his blanket is on the floor instead of a couch or bed
Annoyed that we are putting together the new king size bed that he doesn't realize we bought for his benefit (and ours) and he has nowhere to run to except this dirty closet full of garbage and building supplies 
Giving up and making himself "comfortable" on top of the garbage
Annoyed that he's too big for this chair
Utterly distraught that this is not much of an upgrade
Contemplating how much better life would be if this couch were right-side up and had cushions

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