Monday, August 26, 2013

Vote for Desmond in the Dogs of Blogville Calendar Contest

Voting for the 2nd Annual Dogs of Blogville Calendar Contest has begun, and I'm here to shamelessly beg for your vote to go to Desmond.

I'm also here to say how weird it is that we are on Round 2 of this calendar, because the first calendar was created and came out last year, not long after the hurricane hit. Because the people of blogville are amazing, we were included as a beneficiary of that calendar.

I kind of can't believe I'm typing this post at the same table where I typed my original post about the calendar (or that I thought work would start in January when I wrote that post!). Thankfully, I can say my journey is almost over.

So when the contest came around this year, I just had to submit a photo of Desmond. We would really love to be a part of a calendar that was such a big source of hope for us last year. And it would mean so much if you would help us get there!

To vote, you can visit the blog of one of the fabulous hosts of this contest: Jodi's blog at Heart Like a Dog. You should visit our other host, Julie at The Daily Dog Blog, too, but voting is being done in one spot only--at Heart Like a Dog.

To head to Jodi's voting post, click on this link

You'll see all the participants' photos and then a list of us where you can click a little circle and submit to cast your vote.

Voting started yesterday and is allowed once every 24 hours from each individual IP address. Help us catch up!! Many thanks in advance to anyone who votes for Des!

To vote for this photo to be included in the Dogs of Blogville Calendar, click here

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