Monday, August 26, 2013

Vote for Desmond in the Dogs of Blogville Calendar Contest

Voting for the 2nd Annual Dogs of Blogville Calendar Contest has begun, and I'm here to shamelessly beg for your vote to go to Desmond.

I'm also here to say how weird it is that we are on Round 2 of this calendar, because the first calendar was created and came out last year, not long after the hurricane hit. Because the people of blogville are amazing, we were included as a beneficiary of that calendar.

I kind of can't believe I'm typing this post at the same table where I typed my original post about the calendar (or that I thought work would start in January when I wrote that post!). Thankfully, I can say my journey is almost over.

So when the contest came around this year, I just had to submit a photo of Desmond. We would really love to be a part of a calendar that was such a big source of hope for us last year. And it would mean so much if you would help us get there!

To vote, you can visit the blog of one of the fabulous hosts of this contest: Jodi's blog at Heart Like a Dog. You should visit our other host, Julie at The Daily Dog Blog, too, but voting is being done in one spot only--at Heart Like a Dog.

To head to Jodi's voting post, click on this link

You'll see all the participants' photos and then a list of us where you can click a little circle and submit to cast your vote.

Voting started yesterday and is allowed once every 24 hours from each individual IP address. Help us catch up!! Many thanks in advance to anyone who votes for Des!

To vote for this photo to be included in the Dogs of Blogville Calendar, click here

Monday, August 19, 2013

PureLife 4PETS Joint Mobility Supplement Review

You guys. I am really sad today. I've never had to do this before, but I think I have to give a mostly bad review. By default. 

See, we got these PureLife 4PETS Joint Mobility Supplement chews a while back for review. I was hopeful, because I wanted to get Desmond back on something for his joints, especially since he's getting less exercise in this apartment/displacement. 

I was really pleased when we got the package. This supplement is made in the USA (which I totally checked on before accepting in the first place) and certified by the National Animal Supplement Council, at the highest level. Before getting this bottle in the mail, I had not even heard of the NASC, so I looked into it a bit and felt pretty good about it. 

I'm considering them a sort of extension of the FDA, because of this info from their site, which is one of the four criteria a brand must meet to get certified: The company's product labels must include any specific Warning and Caution Statements recommended by the Food & Drug Administration’s Center for Veterinary Medicine and the NASC Scientific Advisory Committee for particular ingredients.

I know some of your are probably full of sarcasm, like, "Oh, great. The FDA is involved." My jury is kind of out on them. I really don't know what to think anymore about what is truly safe--and also good--for pets or humans, but I saw many familiar names when I looked at the list of brands that have NASC certification, some of which make products we're real big fans of. Strange how I never noticed anything about this before. But anyway, I'm getting off topic a bit.

The PureLife folks also do their own special testing at their facilities--which are approved for production of human supplements--so, in any case, I wasn't wary of this product at all. 

And then we tried it. Well, we tried to try it. 

Desmond wanted nothing to do with it, making it near impossible to try. The chews themselves are not overwhelming. They're pretty small, about dime size, and they don't have a strong smell of supplement/pill. But I guess they also don't have a strong smell of something a dog would find yummy, so perhaps that is part of the issue. 

Granted, Desmond is Mr. Picky Pants since the hurricane. We've talked about this before, and I can't tell you how many days we have to struggle with him to get him to take his medication--which we have tried to hide/wrap in quite possibly everything that's safe to give to a dog and even some things that are probably best left on your own plate--and though we've had the most success with Greenies Pill Pockets, there are still days when we have to just shove the pills down his throat and force him to swallow. Heartbreaking to say the least.

But since these are not pills, and he used to willingly take his probiotic and his heartworm meds, we thought maybe we could just toss it in his food and he'd eat it without realizing. Nope.

We tried putting it in random foods, much like his prescriptions, and that didn't work either. 

Then we relented and tried the Pill Pockets. Here is where we found the most success. And here is where I made the call to stop trying to get him to take this supplement--forcing me into having to give a bad review by default. 

Look, Pill Pockets are not cheap. And we use at least 2 Pockets a day, because Desmond gets pills in the morning and at night. Many times, the jerk of a dog will not take the pill in the Pocket. He knows what we're up to, and he feels like being a snot, so he sniffs at it and then flicks it away. A couple times a week, we wind up wasting Pill Pockets this way. There's only so many times you can manhandle a Pill Pocket before it becomes a sticky mess that just is kind of dirty and smells like your hands instead of hickory smoke. Plus, once the pill is inside it, it starts to dissolve from the moisture of the treat. It's a whole thing. Really good times, let me tell you.

So when I realized that the only way Desmond would take the supplement at all was with these very expensive treats that we actually really need to get him to take his meds, I couldn't justify budgeting some of them for a supplement, and possibly furthering his boredom with or random distaste for the Pill Pockets. 

And because my dog otherwise didn't want the supplement, I can't possibly give it a good review. I couldn't get my dog to take it. And I most definitely was unable to see any results from the week or so of supplement we did give him before I surrendered, waving my wallet in the air.

I'm a bit frustrated by this. I wish I had a different turnout and could say something about whether or not the supplement even works. Alas, I cannot. Perhaps you'd like to check out the testimonials on the PureLife site

For the record, we are not giving him any supplements at all at this point (so it's not just the Joint Mobility). He won't take them. He barely even eats his meals on a schedule and is often hard to entice to snack on delicious things like bacon. He is most definitely hungry, but he seems to be interested only in treats. Treats that are more than likely sub par--the kind you can buy at the dollar store or drug store (we at least stick to the ones that are made in the USA, but I know they are craptastic regardless. However, he really doesn't seem interested in any of the "good" stuff, and I want him to have some joy in his life.). Kind of like how all I want to do is eat Taco Bell. I think we're just all on the same page of exasperation and exhaustion with life, and when we finally get home, we can get ourselves back into healthy routines. 

[FTC Disclaimer]: PureLife 4PETS provided us with 1 bottle of Joint Mobility supplement in exchange for an honest review of their product.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

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