Thursday, July 18, 2013

Hurricane Update Part 8: Don't Hire Desmond as Your Contractor

Because, frankly, he doesn't seem that interested in the job.

Luckily, our actual contractors are doing the best they can to get us back home as soon as they can (safely, of course--no cut corners here). It's been 263 days of displacement thus far, but with a light at the end of the tunnel, I'm at least starting to feel about 50% excited along with my other 50% of frustrated and sad.

Desmond's doing the best he can, but our crate training attempt has been fairly difficult due in part to the fact that we really don't have the ability to dedicate time to the real effort required to properly crate train a dog. We got up to a point where we thought we could leave him in there for a while--and so we did.

We were out in the yard, BBQing, and he was upstairs in the crate. He had been outside with us and wanting nothing to do with that. He wanted to go inside, without a doubt. So we took him in and put him in the crate.

We're not sure if his being able to kind of hear us (even through closed windows and AC and TV, two floors up--we are loud, I guess) had anything to do with the failure, but after about two hours we heard him going nuts. Barking, wailing, howling. Scared, sad noises. Joey went up and waited for him to calm down a bit and then let him out, as we don't have any other options really. Attached houses with infant twins next door do not make for good dog training locations.

So, we will have to try this again after we move back, and do it the right way. I'm also going to grab those D.A.P. diffusers again, because I swear they helped with his separation anxiety the first time around.

This weekend's the last push of prepping for my ABC final. Next time I blog here, I hope to be a graduate and certified dog trainer!

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