Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Wordless Wednesday: Adventures in Dog-Sitting

(OK, almost wordless...)

Way back, approximately 8 billion years ago, when this whole hurricane displacement started (still going strong by the way. le sigh.), LWD recurring characters Tim (of custom dog-art fame), Jane, Luca, and Jackie took care of Desmond for a few days while we sifted through the damage. We still can't thank them enough!

Desmond made himself right at home, though not all existing dog residents were super pumped about that--some of them may or may not have tried to hide in the bathtub. (All pix taken by J & T)

P.S. Next week begins my three-week period of Animal Behavior College final exam prep. I know I'm barely around as it is, but I may seriously fall off the face of the blogosphere until that test is in my past. As you know, I took a six-month hold from the dog obedience instructor program after Sandy, so I'm a bit out of practice, even though I've been doing a few from-afar consultations for friends and family. Cross your fingers for me that I pass this thing with flying colors. I'm trying to graduate with honors over here! :-)
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