Friday, May 31, 2013

Desmond Goes Hiking in Queens

Oh you read that right. I said hiking in Queens. As in the borough of NYC. I don't know exactly what it is I was doing for the 29 years or so I lived in this borough--or the nearly 10 years I lived in the same zip code as this park--but I had no clue there were hiking trails and a pond within walking distance. 

Forest Park is a fairly large place that cuts through a couple of neighborhoods, but I had really only ever gone past it or gone into just the outer edges of it, half the time in a car and almost never paying attention. I once went to a party at the golf house, Oak Ridge. Oh, and I've been to concerts at the bandshell. OK, OK, maybe one keg party near Victory Field. But that's about it. 

There are hiking trails in the woods and walking paths or running paths or whatever you want to call them that are paved and travel alongside roadways for the most part. 

This is common knowledge to most people from my area. I am a clueless buffoon. And Desmond? He's his usual exuberant self.

Actually, hey, he looks happy here!

In the middle of Queens. Who knew? Oh, right. Everyone but me.
I'm just gonna assume that's a Sandy victim.

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