Sunday, May 12, 2013

Custom Doggie Tees from Dress United

Do you guys want to see something cool?


Oh, yes. That is a custom T-shirt with Desmond's likeness on it. Check it out:

Desmond models the shirt as a blanket
I model the shirt as a shirt
Desmond models the shirt as a shirt; wishes he was anywhere else in the world but here
"If I could move in this thing, I'd be halfway to Key West by now."
And that's what we got on the back of the shirt

Pretty freakin cool, right? 

When the folks at Dress United contacted us to review their custom shirts, I was very excited. Who wouldn't want to wear their dog's face on their chest? Oh ... normal people? Hmm ... well, that ship has sailed. I'm OK with it. 

And I'm more than OK with this shirt. The quality of the printing is really good: it doesn't look cheap, and the colors are perfectly matched to the image I provided (more on that momentarily). The process of making the shirt was easy and fun.  

My two complaints are actually based on my own choices--choices I assumed were poor at the time. 

I went with a white shirt, because none of the available colors (of which there are many) really worked well with the image I wanted to use. But white shirts tend to be a little transparent, as is the case with this one. So you can see where your jeans end through the shirt. I don't love that, but I basically expected it. The thickness of the shirt tells me that wouldn't have happened with the other options.

Other than that, I'm wishing I had gone either with a different style of shirt or with one size up. Partially, this was my fault. Partially, this is the fault of the site. 

Look at the options they give you:

Truthfully, I didn't even look at the shirt options on the left, because I assumed they would be too boxy and big for my liking. I went with the middle option, and from there was given two other choices:

I chose the Fashion version, the American Apparel shirt. Even though I was already well aware from previous experience with this brand that the shirts run small--and Dress United even warns you of that fact--I chose this particular shirt because I thought it would look like the example they use on the site:

This is the exact kind of tee I wanted: fitted and somewhat feminine, but still like a T-shirt--with a flat collar and flat arm hems. (all images are screen shots from
What I got in the mail was a shirt with rounded shoulders/sleeves with that thicker/banded hem at the neck and sleeves. The sleeve hems kind of come in on your arms, and the whole shoulder/arm area looks a little puffy or something. It's just not the kind of cut and look that I'm into. It almost feels like a little kid's shirt or something. 

And I don't know who I was kidding, thinking the large would be big enough. It is not. But it's all good. I should have been smarter about my choices and not even messed around with anything in that middle section anyway.

This shirt will still be perfect for wearing around the house, on early-morning dog walks, to bed, and that kind of thing. I don't think I have the guts to wear it in public for real. I'm not even sure if I could muster up the courage to wear it to the gym. I think that I need to keep my Crazy Dog Lady status just between me and you. People on the streets of NY don't really need to know.

Now, before I hook you up with a coupon/promo code for Dress United so that you can order your very own custom shirt--whether it be for rockin' your dog's face all over town or some other purpose--I'm going to let you in on a little secret.

This shirt is a custom custom shirt.

That pic right there was made possible by our good friend Tim--Luca & Jackie's pops--who surprised us with a custom painting of Mr. Desmond. I took a photo of the painting and used it for the site to make the shirt. Really, really freakin cool, right??

Tim does all kinds of paintings, has an online art gallery/store, and will do commissioned paintings as well. More on all of that in our next blog post!!

And now, here's your coupon code for 30% off and free shipping in the U.S. at Dress United:


Be sure to use this link if you'd like to order a custom item. If that's not working for you, copy and paste this into your browser's address bar:

[disclaimer] We received a coupon code for a free custom shirt from Dress United in exchange for our honest opinion of the product. 
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