Saturday, May 18, 2013

Custom Dog Art from Chin Chilla by Tim Schatz

The other day, I posted photos of a custom T-shirt, onto which I put a pic of Desmond. But that pic of Desmond was not just any standard dog photo. Nope. It was a photograph of a canvas painting of Desmond that friend & artist Tim Schatz made. 

If you follow us on FB, Twitter, or Instagram, you may have even seen it before, but here it is again, in all its glory:

Crappy iPhone pictures do not do this painting justice (the in-real-life colors more closely match the image that was printed on the tee, actually). It's well done, it's pretty big (about 24" x 18"), and it's fully freaking awesome. It's not every day that someone just hands you a painted portrait of your dog. I cannot wait to get back home and find the perfect spot for this. If we were the type of family to make use of a dining room table, I'd hang it above that so Des could watch and judge us while we eat too many tacos. 

Hold on just one second while I make this painting cooler...

Here we go:

The inspiration for the painting

Come on--that's good stuff, is it not??

Tim--whose girls are Luca & Jackie--has painted a wide variety of subjects, real and imaginary, and some of his pieces would be right at home on the sides of buildings. There's something for everyone, really, but there can be something for you specifically if you'd like to commission your very own custom dog painting.

Sizes start at what I think is an adorable 4" x 4" tile-like canvas and go all the way up to 4' x 3' (that would be one really big dog painting; great if you have, say, a Newf or a Tori), with prices ranging from $50 up to around $500. 

If you'd like to commission an original painting, you can do so by contacting Tim via either the Chin Chilla by Tim Schatz Facebook page or the accompanying online art gallery. Not only that, but if you mention Life With Desmond while setting up your order, you'll receive 10% off.

Take a look at some of Tim's other animal pieces, a couple of which are available for sale in the online gallery:

A quick sketch Tim did of Jackie
This is one of my favorites, as the flamingo is my very favorite animal (what? you thought it was dogs?).  Pink Flamingo is available for sale in the online gallery.

This is Hoot, a 4" x 4" available in the online gallery
As I mentioned, there's more going on at Chin Chilla than just animals. There are also pieces like this:

I totally have a thing for T-rex, so I love this one on the right

And a series of paintings like this:

Graffiti is art, too! (As long as it's not on the side of my fence.)

In addition, there are a bunch of paintings that are NSFBFFCDLB. That's "Not Safe For a Basically Family-Friendly Crazy Dog Lady Blog." Personally, I love a lot of them, but they're a bit edgy for this space, so I will suggest that you go discover them on your own here and here. The Cookie Monster one is great (but not for the kiddies).

Maybe you'll find something you like more than a custom portrait of your pup (hard to imagine, I know) and want to grab it. Just remember to like the Chin Chilla Facebook page and tell Tim we sent you if you'd like to make a purchase!
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