Thursday, April 18, 2013

Hurricane Update Part 7: Progress, Prozac, and Playing Fetch in the Hay

Three updates for you today in regards to our Hurricane/Superstorm/Jerkface Sandy status. And I'm going to try not to be too wordy about it. It's your lucky day.

164 days after evacuating my home because of Sandy, WORK HAS FINALLY STARTED! Last Tuesday, things got rolling and there's already been impressive progress. Are we still likely going to be out of our home until August? I don't know. I'm going with that, though, because maybe we'll get in earlier--and then I'll be overjoyed. (For anyone who's playing along at home, today is the 173rd day of our displacement. It's almost time to replace my toothbrush.)

Guess who's on Prozac now? No, no. It's not me. It's Desmond! Desmond is now on both Xanax and Prozac. He's still on 4mg a day of Xanax, and he is now also taking 30mg of Prozac. We won't know if the Prozac is "working" for about 6 weeks, but we do know that the Xanax alone is not the answer. Behavior modification along with the meds is definitely in Desmond's future, but we aren't able to incorporate it until things get back to normal. We'll get there, one day, Des. Don't worry. For now, unless I'm just making things up, I do feel like Desmond is a little tired since being on the Prozac.

Playing Fetch in the Hay:
OK, OK, so it's not actually hay. It's just our hurricane-ravaged grass that seems to get worse every time we visit the house. Nonetheless, Desmond enjoyed himself. We have photographic evidence. 

Happiness is a mouth full of dirt.

Desmond loves his daddy, and I love this pic. 
Resting in the one spot he always wanted to but was never allowed when we had plants. And I'm so disheartened by this whole experience that I refuse to plant another damn thing out there. Those rocks are all yours, Des.  


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