Monday, April 8, 2013

Dog Product Review & Giveaway: Zuke's Z-Bones

Folks, we are big fans of Zuke's treats for dogs. We've tried every kind of treat they offer except the "energy bars," (that's just asking for trouble) and have almost always had success with them. But you know what I've never bothered with? The dental chews. 

Zuke's Z-Bones are natural, grain-free chews, with vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals, that are meant to be used as a dental supplement to freshen breath and clean teeth. They are, like the rest of the Zuke's line, made in the USA (hooray!) and come in potato-based formulas in flavors that make me want to eat them--Clean Apple Crisp, Clean Berry Crisp, and Clean Carrot Crisp are the flavors they sent us. 

Now, there are two main reasons we don't really use a dental chew on a regular basis. 

1) They are expensive/I am cheap
2) They don't last long enough because Desmond is a gluttonous monster when he's in the mood. If he's gonna chew on something, I want it to keep him quiet/occupied for a while.

But I see no harm in trying them when the opportunity arises, because you never know what you'll find.
Zuke's also sent us all these treats samples, which is awesome--as I said, we know we love these already. Desmond immediately went for the jerky. He knows the good stuff when he smells it!
A quick Google search tells me that Z-Bones are generally a little bit cheaper than Greenies (which is another brand of dental chew we've reviewed here previously), and I do like that they come in different flavors. Desmond gets tired of everything he eats after a few weeks, so we're constantly trying to switch things around or supplement with add-ons. Having options would certainly help with that. 

So, let's see how Desmond felt. 

Desmond, wait...
OK, go!
A sniff, sniff here...
A sniff, sniff there...

"I think I'll take that one, thankyouverymuch"
Des, it's not open yet, you have to wait 
I held it up to get a pic and he just went for it
But then he did his typical Desmond thing where he kept putting it down, sniffing it, picking it up, and generally being uncertain whether or not it is edible 

He event chose the wrapper over the bone at one point #notarhodesscholar
But eventually he claimed his prize, pranced into the other room, and chowed down on it before I realized what was happening. Don't worry though--he got those crumbs, too.
And then he took a post-bone nap. Being a product tester is hard work.

But maybe he was so tired because I made him "review" the treats first and take a million stupid pictures. 

In any case, I'd say this went pretty well. He figured out that the bone was a bone sooner than I thought he would, and then he actually sat down and ate it. Some other bones/chews, he will just carry around or totally ignore for weeks on end. He clearly doesn't appreciate all that he has. There are dogs in shelters who would roll over for those bones, Desmond! Show some respect!

There are two things I like about these bones that have nothing to do with what Desmond thinks. 

1) They don't stink like crap. Always a plus in my book. 
2) The weight ranges for the different sizes makes them more affordable for us. 

Z-Bones comes in four sizes: Mini, Regular, Large, and Giant. At the moment, Desmond is a tubby little 60 pounds. That means that he falls into two of the size categories for Z-Bones--Regular (25-60 pounds) and Large (60-90 pounds).

(image provided by Zuke's)

The Zuke's rep cautioned me that when you're not sure or are in between, you should go smaller--which is why they sent us both sizes--but I like to live on the edge, so I gave Desmond the large size bone. I actually think that the regular size is a bit small to give him as a chew. The weight range makes more sense for us, especially when life gets back to normal, and we're all exercising regularly (he'll go back down to 55 pounds no problem), but I feel like he would bite it in two and swallow. Frankly, I don't think he's ever tasted a thing in his life. I mean, geez dog, freaking chew something once in a while. Savor it. You only live once. 

I'll be giving him the smaller one later today to see how that goes, because using the smaller ones would be better--you get more of them in a package for the same price as the larger size. Saving money = happy dog mom.

In the meantime, now it's your turn to test out the Zuke's Z-Bones! Enter our giveaway below via the Rafflecopter widget for a chance to win Z-Bones for your dog. The giveaway is open to U.S. residents 18 & older only. If you have any trouble with the widget, let me know!

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