Monday, March 11, 2013

Our Tag Won the BlanketID Significant Others Contest!

Thanks to you lovely folks, our tagline for the BlanketID Significant Others dog ID tag contest came in first place!
(image from Cate's Under the Blanket blog)

Not only is this super exciting just because winning stuff is awesome but also because winning this particular contest allows me to help the dog rescue group that is nearest and dearest to my Desmond-shaped heart, Ruff House Rescue

Once the tags are available to purchase on the site, $3 from each sale will go to RHR and help them save more doggies from all over the country (they often bring dogs in from out of state and frequently rescue puppy mill mommas and babies).

Now, of course, I do encourage you to purchase the LWD-approved tag (which you can 100% buy without subscribing to the BlanketID service), "Woof would I do without you", but I also encourage you to go ahead and become a member of BlanketID. 

If you're not familiar with the service, it basically allows you to register your dog's info, which is attached to the BlanketID number on the tag itself. Heaven forbid something should happen to your pup and he goes missing, the BlanketID site should be one of your first stops:

If your pet gets lost or Stolen…

Report your pet missing and automatically sends a broadcast email to local SPCA, animal hospitals, shelters, rescues and other local blanket ID members. The email links to your online information so that everybody has 24/7 access to a full description and photos to help identify your missing pet.
That info is directly from the site, but it's not even the whole story. Be sure to check out more here. Plus, because BlanketID has a Lost Dog flyer template for you to fill out when you sign up, printing those out in a hurry will be fast and easy.

We actually already have a BlanketID tag (though I'm very excited to get our new one). Our original tag and subscription is from 2011, and it really does make me feel better to update the details and Lost Dog flyer info before I go on any trip. Just in case.

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