Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Happy Birthday, Desmond!

Happy birthday wishes are going out today to our crazy, wonky, odd furry friend. This year, as Des turns 3 (we think...), I finally splurged on the BarkBox subscription

And that's mostly thanks to displacement guilt and a since-ended promotion from Find Myrtle, the Facebook page set up to help a Queens girl find her lost dog: Sign up for BarkBox and get $10 off + BarkBox will donate $20 to the rescues that saved Myrtle from her puppy mill past, Anarchy Animal Rescue & Animal Haven

Here's Des checking out his first shipment:

This box included two packs of Wet Noses biscuits, two toys, and one bag of Get Naked dental chews. His favorites are the dental chews and the green ring toy. In fact, he loved the green toy to death, as you may have already seen on our Instagram feed.

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