Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Desmond & Nemo

Do you guys remember the ridiculous blizzard named after a cartoon fish that looked like a freakin hurricane from space and left tons of people stranded for days under 20+ inches of snow?

Well, snow totals in our current neck of the woods were not anywhere near as dramatic as those found elsewhere, but we still took Desmond out in it the next day for kicks. He hadn't really been out in that much snow in a while, so he was actually kind of excited. In his typical Desmond way.

Our temporary location is down the block from a school (much like our permanent residence), but it's not really close enough to any parks, so we took Desmond to the school yard. I don't think he's ever been to the school yard by our house.
A couple of Desmond-in-motion pix
He was hopping around a lot and seemed to be enjoying it, contrary to what you will see in the next pic
Not really that deep, but I'm still shocked Desmond went in it at all. He would never consider going into a body of water this deep. Weirdo.
We also took a long walk, and Desmond didn't have as much trouble on the icy spots as we did--which makes no sense to me based on whose legs are formed properly and whose aren't, but whatever. In the end, the whole outing was a big success. As you can see.

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