Friday, January 18, 2013

Guest Post: Natural Dog Allergy Treatments

We're very lucky here in the Desmond household, because--wonky though his legs may be--our dear, crazy dog does not have any allergies. Does he scratch? Sure, but nothing really out of the ordinary (and we know that fish oil helps that). Do some foods bother his stomach? Sure, but there's nothing to be suspicious of there (plus, he does seem to get some relief from a probiotic). 

Our worst problem is his dry elbows, especially because he is so skinny and his skin is soooo thin (I'm gonna get on that show-your-pet's-waistline campaign thing soon). But lots of folks have it way worse and need to be quite careful about what their dog gets into. 

Dog lovers who have these pets may be inclined to want the safest, most-natural way to relieve their pet's discomfort, in hopes of avoiding introducing even more variables to the scenario. More than understandable!

Here to tell us more about natural remedies for allergies in dogs is Carly Messmer of

Natural Dog Allergy Treatments

There are several different ways to treat allergies in dogs, but the prescription
medications that are often provided can have serious side effects. Natural
treatments are best for your pet's safety and health because serious side effects are
rare. By using herb-based medicine on your dog, you won't be giving him steroids
and you can also strengthen his immune system. That stronger immune response
will help your dog fight off the allergens that normally attack him, so he will feel
better. Several different types of allergies can be treated with herbs and natural
options. These include food allergies and skin allergies.

Allergic reactions on the skin are among the most common of the allergy problems
seen in dogs. There are herbal remedies that come in tablet or capsule form, so
you can give your dog whichever one he will take more easily. Make sure you look
for an allergy medicine that's veterinarian formulated and that has already been
used for some time. If you just buy the first thing you see, it might not be something
that's truly safe for your dog. A skin allergy medicine used by veterinarians in their
practice indicates good quality, strong results, and very few side effects.

Since veterinarians are trusted with people's dogs all the time, they have to provide
safe and reliable care in order to continue to remain in business. Your veterinarian
may be able to recommend a skin allergy medication for your dog, but you can also
find good products online as long as you do your research. Most of the skin allergy
medications on the market for dogs today contain all-natural blends of spices and
herbs, which have been found to be safe. If you find an allergy medication with a lot
of chemicals in it, it should be avoided just like prescription treatments.

For severe skin allergies, there are bonus or booster options that can generally be
purchased along with the tablets or capsules. Using those options can help raise
the immune response faster and get a good head start on clearing up the allergic
condition. Whether it's biting and scratching, excessive licking, hair loss, rough skin,
or a combination of symptoms, your dog won't be comfortable until he gets some
relief from his allergies. With products that are all natural, you can get your dog
some help and you won't have to worry about the side effects he might have from
the treatment. That will give both you and your dog peace of mind.
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