Thursday, January 24, 2013

Another Day, Another Biscuit: Desmond's Putting in Overtime

With our hurricane displacement still going strong, we find Desmond tagging along with Dad once a week and working hard, as usual.

Wasting time on a morning snack before doing anything productive. Don't judge. You all do that, too.

Wasting time Looking for inspiration for that big presentation later (probably should have planned ahead on that one, Des)

The stresses of the day are simply too much

3PM slump. Not even a rousing game of fetch can save you now.

But when he's not hardly working, he's running away from someone who is working. With a stamp. Yup, that's right--a stamp. Damn those dastardly, menacing stamps and their blood curdling screams. 

Xstamper: Office bully since 2013

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