Monday, January 28, 2013

A Better Cozy Cave Pet Bed

Guys--do you remember our foray into the land of cave beds?

how to fail at the cozy cave dog bed

Well, today I'm here to tell you about a great sale on an improved version of this bed.

I think that we bought the bed one size too small, which made it hard for Des to really get in it and turn around and whatnot. He's a 55-pound dog, and we got the bed in a size large. It cost us over $80.

But once we realized it wasn't going to work well for him, we were stuck with a bed--an over-$80 bed--that was basically useless. The material on the outside of the bed, the colored material, isn't very soft--the good stuff is on the inside. So even when we offered the bed up to Desmond to just lie on top of, with the dome flattened, he wasn't super interested in it.

What solves that problem? A removable dome. Oh how I wish that we were able to remove the top of the bed. And also buy the bed for far less money than we spent.

Well, that ship has sailed for us, but it has not for you.

FULL DISCLOSURE: The link I'm about to post here is to a flash sale for a cave-style bed. The company running the sale? Well, that's where I work. These are my peeps. If you purchase this bed, I will not get any money (maybe some brownie points at the office or first pick from the next platter of bagels), but if you and you and you and you and you all purchase the bed--or find yourselves loving the site and buying all kinds of things--that is good for my company and, by proxy, good for me. And by the way, the image above is from the site (

This happens to be available only in red and the 25" diameter (our large bed was about 10" bigger than that), but perhaps we'll get more inventory if the sale goes well.
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