Saturday, November 10, 2012

Hurricane Update Part 2

Blogging on Life With Desmond is going to be sporadic for a while, other than some quick updates and product reviews/giveaways that I already had lined up (that have since been postponed a bit), but I really wanted to get on here now and say thank you to everyone who has been checking in on us, supporting us, thinking of us, worrying about us, and trying to help us.

I haven't been blogging for even two years yet, but I've seen what this community can do multiple times. People I've never met in person, bloggers from sites I haven't peeked at in quite some time, readers--you've all been a source of positivity during a time when it's been difficult to keep things in perspective even when I'm reminding myself to do that repeatedly.

So thank you. Really.

And you don't need to worry about us anymore. I keep repeating my new mantra: Stuff is just stuff; stuff is not what makes your life a good one. It's a cliche, but this has absolutely changed the way I look at life. We will be minimizing, simplifying, focusing on experiences versus things.

The worst part of this ordeal will be over in a few weeks and we'll be able to get settled semi-permanently into a place to live. We're still with my folks right now but are soon moving to a hotel for a while--yes, with Desmond. And, yes, I remember what happened last time--and will hopefully be moving into our final destination around Thanksgiving. Early estimates on when we will be able to return to our home are six months or so.

We are, of course, taking into consideration all of Desmond's needs during this craziness and doing the best we can. If the hotel thing is making him crazy, we will head back for refuge with our parents. Unfortunately, the poor dog doesn't have much of a routine right now but he will soon enough. He's handling it far better than I ever thought he would. He probably most misses the dog park, and I know he's got no complaints about the amount of people food my parents are shoving in his mouth (all safe for doggies--they've been schooled). Don't worry; he's not gaining any weight at all. He may actually be losing. It's kind of odd. Perhaps it's stress? He's eating more and getting less exercise. And I call shenanigans on that, because NO FAIR.

Anyway, I'll be back with those reviews and giveaways at some point. For now, here are some random pix of Mr. D. along with some photos we took on/around our block in the days after we returned to see the damage at home.

While sitting up after eating

Looking tough after a morning walk 

Not understanding benches

Some fish we found in our yard/garage
When we returned to our neighborhood after the storm, we had to park on the block I ran to when Desmond got out of the yard because cars could not get to our corner

Approaching the corner
Our block. We spoke to some neighbors who stayed at home during the hurricane. They told us that the water almost covered the street signs, and police boats were traveling down our block looking for people who needed to be rescued. I do not comprehend the mindset of those who choose to stay when they are ordered to evacuate.
Approaching our house and the park entrance
A boat in a place boats don't belong (in the same park where our dog run is--which was destroyed)

Craziness. Thank goodness everyone we know is safe. We hope all of you are, too.
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