Saturday, November 24, 2012

Desmond Gets a Job

aka Take-Your-Dog-to-Work-So-He-Doesn't-Destroy-the-House Day

Doing some filing.
Being snotty about stealing the good chair.
Looks like someone's got a case of the Mondays. 
"These emails aren't going to check themselves, ya know."
Working hard or hardly working?
Can't take this dog anywhere! He scraped his paw while playing fetch on his lunch break.

As you may have gathered, Desmond's been having a rather tough time readjusting to daily life. We all are, but he is probably taking it the hardest due to the fact that we can't explain anything to him.

When we were at the hotel, he had a few incidents at my parents' place. We cut our stay short and came back to be with him. Since then, we've relocated but it looks like we'll be staying put for some time.

Other than his changed eating habits, the biggest issue at hand is the return of his separation anxiety. We battled with this for many months after we adopted him and used a variety of options to combat it and keep it at bay. I'm hopeful that we'll get past it again, but there's great difficulty in managing it at this point and with this living situation.

While we wait for him to feel more comfortable in his surroundings and figure out that this temporary apartment is "home" until further notice, we are pretty much staying with him as much as we can. I know that's not the way to "fix" separation anxiety, but we literally do not have other options. He cannot be crated, and we cannot afford doggie day care. Eventually, I will start from the beginning and try to attack SA once more.

We're very lucky that I have the ability and permission to work from home most days of the week and my husband's company is letting him bring Desmond to the office once a week. We have many things in our lives to be thankful for, besides our cute, crazy doggie.
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