Monday, October 29, 2012

Hurricane Update

Last year, we had Irene come through and disrupt blogging (among other things). This year, we're dealing with the same situation. Our area is under mandatory evacuation and our block was flooded last night, so we took off. There's still power where I am now, so I thought I'd let everyone know we're doing fine.

Desmond was pretty freaked out while we were preparing our house and property and while we were evacuating, but he's settled down now--other than jumping out of his skin every time a gust comes through. Poor guy. We're holding off on his anxiety chews as long as we can, since it's only going to get worse.

Generally, he's not amused.

Being emo while we ride out the storm
And this is just a funny pic of him from when we were packing the car up to leave:

For something less funny--although, I kind of have to laugh to save my own sanity--here's a link to a few pictures taken in my neighborhood this morning: Sandy in East Rockaway

Stay safe everyone! Everything else is just stuff.
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