Monday, September 17, 2012

Our 2nd Annual Dog Party

About a month ago, Desmond, the husband, and I hosted our 2nd annual doggie party. You may recall our 1st dog party and its epic love story (looking back at those pix, I kind of can't believe what our yard/driveway used to look like). 

This year's party was a bit more low-key and involved fewer organized activities (due only to lack of preparation time), but we did have a somewhat different mix of dogs. This time, Darius brought his baby sister Lucy, Jackie's sister stayed home to lounge with her pops, Shea decided big dogs were just too gross for her to deal with, and three little pups (two of which are Canadian) joined in on the fun: Winston, Tank, and Bruiser. 

Low-key or not, we all had a blast and the dogs were all snoozing away for many many hours afterwards. 

Here's a fun fact from this year's party: I made doggie snacks using one of Jodi's recipes from Kol's Notes. The Cheesyburger Pupcakes we had were a huge hit. Thank you very much, Jodi, for your assistance in helping me choose what to make. I still actually have a bunch in my freezer, which Desmond doesn't realize, thank goodness. I assume he would have found a way to open the freezer by now if he were aware of their presence.

Here are some pix of the action. All the photos below are from friends. The only pictures I took are the ones of the pupcakes and the very last one. 

Jackie & Des

Agility playthings
Jackie & Des

More doggie toys

Des & Jackie running around


Des & Jax

Secret frolicking

Water break

Standing break


Desmond whispering sweet nothings into Jackie's ear, as per usual

Dogs in love

A Yankees dog drinking from a Mets bowl

Jackie wades into the tall grasses that Desmond avoids like the plague

Resting in the dirt, of course



Jackie testing out the waters with another man, Winston

About to enjoy a nice nap

Desmond not caring about how dirty dirt is

Jackie and her mom; Demsmond giving Jackie's new boyfriend dirty looks; Desmond's poppa

Lucy checking out some toys while Jackie checks her out

What a face!

What a mouth!

Winston on his way to the party

Kona & Des with their daddies

One of our Canadian DBFFs, Tank

an Instagram pic
Pupcakes pre-freezing
Not bad. I'd consider eating it myself.
The aftermath of Desmond's injury

Oh, yes, that's right. Desmond sustained an injury. Of course. Is this dog going to be like a human male toddler forever? He's all over the place and constantly hurting himself, seemingly without even noticing.

This time, he managed to slice off a big chunk of his paw pad--the main one, not one under a toe. It was sufficiently gross and apparently sufficiently painful, because Des was limping. We made him rest as much as possible. The next day, he still had to go outside for potty, and when we went back to work he still needed his walks.

The best we could come up with was to clean it and use our doggie liquid bandage stuff and then cover it up with a sock, which we then duct taped around his leg tight enough so that it couldn't just fall off or be easily pulled off. The tape wasn't on his fur/skin at all, so don't worry. And anyway, I totally saw this in a Clara Barton biography once.

I'm still amazed he allowed any of this to happen and was willing to walk with it on. He continued to limp with it on, and then it kind of fell down as far as it could go (due to the tape) and he would wind up with this long, dirty, wet sock flopping around on his paw. It was semi-hilarious but mostly just sad.

After a few days of this, he seemed to stop limping; so we stopped using the sock method. It took a while to really heal though, and we didn't take him to the park or play fetch with him for a while after that. He was not pleased about this.

Other than that, everything was a success. I look forward to doing another dog party again next year and may even look into doing a party over the winter at an indoor dog park nearby.
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