Thursday, September 13, 2012

Is Your Dog on Instagram? Mine is

It was only a matter of time, right?

You may have already noticed the Life With Desmond Facebook page getting a little more photolicious (and that's not to say that my photo-taking skills have improved--I think we should all just let go of that dream--but that I am posting more photos), and if you are already on Instagram, we may have previously found each other (we're @lifewithdesmond).

But for those of you who didn't know you can connect with us there--and for those who are sitting there going, "WTH is an Instagram and, seriously, if I have to go on even one more social networking site, I am going to puke"--I thought I'd make an official blog announcement to explain what it is and encourage folks to get in on the fun.

As dog people, the only thing we like as much as, if not more than, talking about our furry kids is taking and sharing photos of them. Instagram is a neat little way to do that. And, yes, I totally did just describe something as "neat".

Instagram is like your Facebook news feed or like a Twitter feed, but all the posts are photos. Within Instagram, you can edit your pix and apply filters to them to make them look olde tyme or blurry or framed or whatever. You can caption your pix and you can use hashtags on your photos like you would on Twitter or G+, and your followers can like and comment on your posts.

The big differences, as far as this newbie can tell, are that you can't share/retweet someone else's post, and your posts are able to be seen by the whole wide Instagram world if you have a public profile (they are accessible via the hashtag links and the Explore option, which seems to have just a random sampling of other people's pix).

If you want to join, you will need a handy dandy smartphone--iPhone or Android will do--to download the app. Then you can find people you know and start following. Or you can search hashtags (like the popular #instadogs or #dogstagram) and find pix you like and follow those users. To follow us, click below:

Want to check out our feed without joining Instagram? You've got some options!
  • Become our fan on Facebook for Instagram updates and other doggie content (you can see some of our recent photos here)
  • Check out our feed on Webstagram (the web version of Instagram, no mobile app required). From Webstagram, you can simply view our photos online, or you can add our Instagram feed to your reader and subscribe to our feed via email. 
  • Take a look at this gallery of some of our photos:

So tell me: Are you on Instagram? Share your username in the comments if you want to add some like-minded followers.
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