Thursday, August 9, 2012

Doggie Play Date

A few weeks ago, Desmond's DBFFs Jackie & Luca came over for a play date. Jackie, as you may recall, is one of Desmond's many girlfriends (others include Kona and Miss Tori  from Dog is God in Reverse --although with Tori , Desmond's more of a creepy stalker than boyfriend). He's not really into the whole monogamy thing. What can I say?

The pups enjoyed playtime, pool time, and raw marrow bone time! It was Desmond's very first taste of such a thing, and I think he was pretty happy about it. Courtesy of Jax & Luca's mom, known around the blog as Aunt Jane, here is photographic evidence of said play date.

Luca, an Italian mastiff aka cane corso mix, and Jackie, a French mastiff aka dogue de Bordeaux

I love this shot of Luca!

Desmond spent some time contemplating the pool before going into it, each and every time he approached it

Of course, there was some drinking from the pool

Sometimes I seriously can't tell if he's happy or freaked out, because his body language cues don't go together. What do you make of this?

Pawing at the water

Interrupting Luca's lounge for a sip

Jackie gets in on it

Oh, Desmond--please fix your ear

This is one of my fave shots of the day because of the drops of water coming off his paw

This is a dog who appreciates a pool. Unlike my dog.

Marrow-bone action. Luca & Jackie were already familiar with these tasty treats, but this was Desmond's first time.

And he wasn't even that confused! Hooray!

Many thanks to Jane & Tim and Luca & Jackie for coming over to play with us!


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