Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A Gorgeous "Dog Park"

Months ago, on a sunny winter day, we took Desmond to the grounds of Coindre Hall, a catering venue/chateau/historic mansion on the North Shore of LI that allows dogs to play on its ridiculously beautiful property.

You may have caught my Examiner.com post--A review of Coindre Hall's dog-friendly grounds--where I go into detail about the place, but if you haven't, feel free to click over and take a look for a description that will put these photos (and my quotation marks around the words dog park) into context.

And if you live on the Island or near it, I highly recommend you get your butt on over there, especially now that there are leaves on the trees! I hope to get back to Huntington this summer and in the fall. Unfortunately, we missed the boat on the spring bloom.

Possibly my favorite shot of the day. I asked Joey to go sit on that branch with Des for a nice photo, but the branch wasn't really into that idea. Desmond of course thought his dad was initiating a wrestle with him.
My attempts at a nice photo didn't work, either, because Des was too obsessed with the ball to care about me.
By the way, it was plenty warm for dogs and normal people; I'm just always freezing.

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