Thursday, July 12, 2012

A Destination Wedding in the Bahamas

We are not really beach/pool people. I own three big floppy hats and wear sunblock every day. Just sitting around doing nothing makes us anxious. That's right: relaxing makes us antsy.

Not that we don't like the water--look at where we live--or swimming (I'm just coming off a hard campaign for a pool in our yard). We do; we just find ourselves getting bored with it fairly quickly in comparison to other, probably-more-normal folks.

We are not really touristy people. We try to stay away from crowds, tours, organized events, all-inclusives, Americanized anything, and the hot-spot parts of town (when it comes to lodging). Our #1 goal on all trips is to befriend a local ASAP and take advantage of their knowledge, so we can eat where they eat and hang out where they hang out.

That's not to say that if we went to Paris we wouldn't stand under the Eiffel Tower (many tourist attractions are attractions for a damn good reason), eating sub-par croissants we bought from a nearby vendor. Or that we wouldn't return to the U.S. with a bag of magnets, shot glasses, and key chains.

But it is to say we didn't have high hopes for a trip to the Bahamas, especially considering the fact that we had been there before and did not like it (yes, I realize how crazy that sounds to many of you).

However, we had been to Nassau/Paradise Island, and this time we were going to Grand Bahama Island (Freeport, specifically)--and it turns out those two parts of the Bahamas are alike mostly only in climate. GBI was awesomesauce! Getting to attend a fabulous wedding and see people we don't often get to spend time with made it even better.

I will not bore you with details of our trip (unless you're a travel geek like me and you really wanna know more. Hit me up in the comments.) but I will show you hundreds of pictures. Lucky for you, I used Picasa to make them into a collage, so you can see them, sort of, all at once!

There is a dog-related story from this trip, but I'll get to that next week. Oooh... cliffhanger... Try not to pass out from excitement.

You can click on this to see it larger, if you're so inclined.

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