Monday, July 23, 2012

Be the Change for Dog Rescue

Blog the Change
A week or so ago, Be the Change for Animals had one of its four annual Blog the Change days--and I totally missed it. Luckily, this time around that day was a save the date of sorts for today, which is Bloggers Unite for Dog Rescue day.

Approximately 4 million dogs and cats are euthanized every year in the U.S.--60 percent of the dogs at shelters never make it out.

Can we save them all? Probably not--at least not without some serious changes in the spay/neuter arena--but we can save so many more than we currently are able to, with just a little bit of effort from everyone who cares.

Dog rescue is something that means a lot to me, not just because of Desmond's ginormous effect on my life, but also because I have a soft spot for animals, especially dogs. I did not seem to inherit this same soft spot for any other living thing or cause, and while I maintain this means I came off a horribly mismanaged assembly line, it also means I have a lot of expendable energy for helping dogs. I only wish I had the matching resources.

But aren't we all in the same boat? You want to help a cause that matters to you; you have no time/money/ability, etc. Or you think what you do have to offer isn't worth offering. I assure you, it's all worth more than you think.

Images like this one have been floating around the web for a while, but the message doesn't get less important:

I am fortunate to be able to say I have hit almost every item on that list of ways to help--and in the fall I'll be participating in a fabulous program via Animal Behavior College that will benefit the rescue organization that brought Desmond to us: Ruff House Rescue.

Before you graduate from ABC and become a certified dog trainer, you're given the opportunity to participate in the shelter practicum, during which you volunteer at the shelter of your choice as a trainer.

Here's a little more about that, in ABC's own words:

ABC’s international campaign to improve shelter dog rehabilitation and called “Students Saving Lives” and was actualized from the personal quest of Ms. Debbie Kendrick, the Vice President of Animal Behavior College. As an ABC Student, you will be asked to a local animal shelter, humane society, or rescue organization of your choice.... This portion of the program is exciting for students as they are able to practice what they have learned while helping homeless dogs become better candidates for adoption.
I absolutely love this program and can't wait to get started working with the dogs at Ruff House--I'm even trying to wrangle an amateur-photographer friend to come with me and take pix of the lovely pups.

The folks who are involved at RHR are some of the most tireless people I've ever known. They seem to be constantly bringing in new dogs and managing to get enough of them fostered or adopted so that the shelter isn't over crowded.

Right now, RHR is having practically non-stop adoption events and the volunteers are the midst of a transporting effort to bring a bunch of ridiculously cute dogs up to Oceanside, NY, from the South.

You can see their current house guests on RHR's petfinder page, plus more pictures of all the dogs they have and are getting on their FB page, but I can't resist posting some of the photos of the newest pups--and en route pups--here. Because, seriously, they all make me want to become a hoarder, like, right this second.

OK, if you didn't just die seven times--that's once for each out-of-this-world face--you need to seek help. You probably also need a hug. From a cute puppy.

So go adopt one, or foster one, or walk one, or play with one, or give a bag of treats to one (not all at the same time, preferably).

And if you can't do any of those things, at least share these photos; you never know who might see them and fall in love with their new best friend.

This post is dedicated to Bloggers Unite for Dog Rescue, a special online global event held on July 23, 2012 stressing the importance of dog adoption. is proud to partner with Blog CatalogDog Rescue Success and YOU to harness a global online community to help save the lives of dogs in need.

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