Wednesday, June 13, 2012

More Waterfront Walks

Because we live in a neighborhood that's chopped up by canals & marinas and partially bordered by Hewlett Bay, I have access to a variety of pretty things to see and lovely places to walk my crazy doggie.

The stillness, the quiet, the sunrises, and the wildlife that accompany us on our walks do not get old.

Recently, I took Des down to our county park's shoreline, which is definitely not a beach but it can be pretty nonetheless. This is the scene of Desmond's outstanding performance of early June, when he immediately dropped a freakin' crab shell on command* (my LWD FB peeps may have seen my status update about that). I wanted to scoop him up and bottle that moment forever and ever. And then douse him with it when he's acting a fool at other times, so I can be like, "Hey, Jerkface, you can be calm and responsive and awesome, so cut the crap!"

Anyway... Stillness and quiet and sunrise and wildlife.

The sun coming up behind a baseball field

A cute spot for a picnic



Down at the water, deep in thought

Giving me a sit & focus long enough for me to make sure I got that seagull in the shot

Some random clam shells that Desmond did not try to steal (I wanted to go back and take a pic of the crab shell, but I thought that would be pushing my luck so I let it go)

Humoring me for another photo
I like to see the difference in the light from when we first get out and when we're leaving

This was not long after Memorial Day weekend, and I have to say there was quite a bit of nonsense scattered about thanks to litterbugs, but Desmond was a rock star and ignored all of it other than that far-too-enticing crab shell.

By the way, this is my 200th post. How did that happen?

* I have come to dislike the word "command" and favor the word "cue" when it comes to training, but I do feel that safety-related behaviors mesh a little better in my mind with the idea of commanding someone to do something. A drop-it or a leave-it are often things you need your dog to do immediately and thoroughly, whereas fancy footwork moves & party tricks are just a fun bonus of having your pooch in your life.
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