Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Makeup of a Mutt

On Wednesday, you met the dog I grew up with, Clarence. I told you that we didn't know much about him--I think we got him from North Shore Animal League, but I was really too young to remember--other than he was a lazy mixed-breed dog.

I could be making this up, but I feel like my parents always referred to him as a terrier mix. I can see why they might say that, but I'm not really sure that I agree. The only terrier I think I see in him is Tibetan terrier, and that's not even really a terrier.  Here's what you guys said you thought you saw:

Sadie Shih Tzu on the table
Shih-Tzu (all images via flickr.)
Lhasa Apso
Lhasa apso
Westie - West Highland Terrier Dog
Schnauzer Fashion
Here's a few shots of the Tibetan terrier: 

chilling in the garden

The Cutest Tibetan Terrier :-)

Now, take another look at Mr. Clarence (OK, yes, and me & my dad--here's hoping my dad doesn't cut me out of the will for this...):

As you can see, he's much bigger than the toy/mini dogs above, but he could be on par with the schnauzers, Westies, and Tibetans. Maybe even a Lhasa, though he's taller, I think. (No, I have no idea what that thing is that I'm cradling. Some sort of stuffed animal? At first glance, I thought it was a toy phone, but it clearly is something soft. Do you like my ladies' Canadian tuxedo? This is from when I was still a cute kid. Then the following happened...)

Oh dear... (Yes that so is a 90210 book of some sort that I was excited enough about to include in this photo. Where is AJ?? I bet she had one too!)

Yes, the glasses did get slightly smaller, but then the braces were added. Good thing I have a cute doggie to distract from that.

So, what do you guys think now? Any new input or changed minds? Maybe I should take Raelyn's advice and just let him be a mutt. Or I could go with my very favorite suggestion: a mutty-poo! How great is that? Thanks for my new favorite word, Peggy! :-)
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