Thursday, June 7, 2012

K9 Kamp: Week Three

Dude. I cannot believe three weeks have flown by. I feel like that's so much time to get so many things accomplished and, really, I think I mostly got a bunch of things half done--as opposed to just a few things completely done--and that really gets my goat.

This third week of Kamping unfortunately falls into that same category: half-assed. A few days were missed entirely, and when I tried to make up for it on other days, I was kind of just...tired. Not of K9 Kamp but in general. It's been a bit hectic at work and at home, and I was feeling overwhelmed and in need of sleep and a vacation and a drink. Many drinks. Thank goodness our destination wedding vacay is almost here.

All that being said, we still pulled out a good performance.
Doggies need to rest between workouts

The point this week was to not waste all your precious time doing nothing. There's really no excuse not to be burning a calorie nearly every minute of the day--even simply standing up versus sitting down burns more calories--and what's not to like about squeezing in more playtime and cardio for your pup?

In no particular order, here are the activities we managed to pull off with almost no one getting hurt (Desmond scraped up his paw pad for the millionth time while we were playing outside this morning. Of course. On the last day of the Just One Doggone Minute to Win It Challenge. smh):
  • me doing squats & lunges while Desmond fetched his ball or insanely chewed his ball with more gusto than I was putting into the squats & lunges...
  • sprints during our walks, which apparently made Desmond think I had suddenly turned into a human-greyhound mix, because that dude just freakin took the hell off when I started sprinting. I never lost the leash, but I thought I was going to pass out. Crazy dog. He looked really happy, though. Made me wish I lived in the country on a huge piece of land and he had an excellent recall and zero prey drive. That's some pipe dream talk right there, my friends. 
  • me stealing his toy/ball and running away with it, making him chase me; also me taunting him with a treat and running away, causing the same effect. Both of these things are probably terrible ideas, from a training standpoint, but sometimes things that are really funny are OK just because they're really funny. 
  • various bouts of random training sessions, during which we rehashed all the tricks/cues he knows, generalized or improved tricks he's been working on--including puppy push-ups--and started one new trick. These involved more physical movement for Desmond than for me, but that's OK. He's the one trying to get back into his fancy jacket. 
  • one attempt at running up the stairs together, which is harder than it sounds, because my stairs are very narrow and have only those little carpet rectangles on them for traction. I will not do this again.
  • playtime while I did my 20-minute workouts. This consisted of yet another attempt at getting Desmond to play with my balance ball and me doing bitey face at him while I was doing push-ups or planks--which led to him pawing me in the face and then climbing all over me while I helplessly laid on the floor and tried to cover my face from further punching or stomping.
Sometimes those doggies get so sleepy, their heads fall through the chair rails.

Now that I'm looking at this all together, it doesn't seem nearly as half-assed as I thought it was. Can I get a "Woo!"?

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