Wednesday, May 9, 2012

While Mom's Away...

Desmond will do things he's never done before!

Like finally figure out that he is able to push open an ajar door with his nose (which we have spent months encouraging him to do from the other side of said door).

And--as our FB fans may recall--willingly head into a huge, gross puddle at the dog park:

Although, he does look less-than-thrilled to be in there. Joey tells me Des only went in because he had been playing with the other dogs who were going in. Desmond, if all your friends jumped off a bridge...

I also mentioned on FB that my husband gave Des a bath after these shenanigans. Here's our cleaned-up pup:

It may be hard to tell in this photo, and because you don't live with this mutt, but Desmond is very clean, super soft, and all shiny & smooth. 

This was the first time he had gotten bathed since we started giving him the CoatPlus supplement, and I am pleasantly surprised by the results. And I do attribute the results to the fish-oil as opposed to the bath/shampoo. He's never looking and feeling this good after an at-home bath. This version of Desmond is like when he comes back from the groomer, but even softer.

Trouble is, getting the supplement capsules into Desmond has proven to be very difficult. He was mostly on board at first, but he's at the point now where he almost never just eats the capsule with his food. One time when we put the pill in some PB, he actually licked off the peanut butter and spit out the pill. 

So, that's getting kind of annoying. I'm contemplating squeezing out the contents of the pill onto his food instead now, but I'm not sure if the capsule itself is providing some benefit he'd be missing out on if I did that. 

Needless to say, I will not be continuing to use the CoatPlus when this bottle is empty. It's frankly too much hassle for me, because I am lazy. For all that trouble, I'd be better off just getting an oil again like we had when we first got him. But I may not bother with that either. We shall see.

Speaking of being lazy and being unsure of things, I am debating whether or not to participate in K9 Kamp. My fear is that my commitment ability is not very high at the moment and my pure lack of time won't really allow me to keep up with writing about it or reading about it, so I feel like it would be almost unfair for me to try and be cool like everyone else. I may kind of secretly do it and see how it goes. Is that weird?

To Kamp or not to Kamp; that is the question.

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