Thursday, May 17, 2012

Our First Attempt at K9 Kamp

Let me keep this short & sweet.

I have a destination wedding in the Bahamas in less than 45 days. That is some seriously scary stuff. I am by no means in the same shape I was at my own wedding, less than four years ago, and I'd like to rectify that.

Desmond just learned at the vet last weekend that he is now a hefty 58 pounds. That's three pounds overweight. Had his momma given more of a crap when the scale told her that she was three pounds more than she likes to be, she would not currently be nine pounds beyond her desires. And her pants would fit, even her biggest ones. We won't contemplate the bathing suits.

Both of us need to cut back on the treats and meal portions and increase our calorie burning. So, in addition to making a point of doing a bit more running during our morning walks and being more careful about what we ingest, we're joining Kelly & Koly's K9 Kamp for the first time.

I guarantee you one of us is gonna get hurt. We are neither graceful nor athletic, and we both have a wonky something or other.

Let's hope my husband gets some of this on video so you can all have a good laugh.

Come on, doesn't this look like a dog who is just full of energy and so coordinated?

Lots of other bloggers are in on it, too! Check it out:

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