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Nature's Logic Dog Food Giveaway

Lately, there's been a lot of drama surrounding dog food here on the East Coast. The Diamond pet food recall seems to be expanding by the minute. We here at Life With Desmond have decided to toss our Chicken Soup food that we just bought and transferred to the big plastic bin, even though we don't still have the bag. I like to be overly paranoid, as you know.

Before that, we were all talking about the rash of issues regarding treats and chews from or made in China. Some seriously scary stuff was happening with that, and we threw away a few packages of treats, just in case. Actually, in the middle of all that, I ordered from Mr. Chewy sweet potato chews that Desmond--that turned out to be made in China, and they graciously refunded my money right away. Oy vey, what a mess!

If you're tired of worrying about either of these issues, you should seriously check out Nature's Logic food. 
(image used with permission)

Nature's Logic is the only line of pet food that has no chemically-synthesized vitamins or minerals--and no ingredients from China. According to a press release, Nature's Logic food was one of the few brands that remained on the shelves of an independent retailer's pet-supply store after she took it upon herself to investigate the products she was selling:

Nature’s Logic, the maker of 100% natural pet food, has made the “China-import Free” cut by independent pet retailer, Midas Touch Naturally Healthy Pets in Berryville, VA, owned by Jo Bighouse. Not only does Nature’s Logic have no ingredients from China, the company makes the first and only full-line of dry kibble, canned, and raw-frozen pet food with NO chemically-synthesized nutrients of any kind, including vitamins, minerals, or amino acids. Such man-made nutrients are commonly manufactured in China, can be toxic and even lethal at certain levels, and can contain unwanted ingredients such as MSG, sucrose, soy and other fillers that don’t appear on pet food labels because they all are contained within the “added vitamins and minerals.” Nature’s Logic chose from its inception to supply all essential nutrients from whole foods and 100% natural ingredients only.
“I have found that ‘made in the USA’ does not tell the entire story,” says Jo Bighouse, owner of Midas Touch Naturally Healthy Pets. “Each of the manufacturers we represent are being contacted and asked if any raw materials in their products are imported from China, and we are not stopping there,” she continues. “If I am told the vitamins are from a country other than China, including the US, I am contacting that vitamin source to find out if their raw material is from China. If I can confirm that a pet product manufacturer includes raw materials sourced from China, I will not sell the product.” 
(image used with permission)
Nature's Logic founder Scott Freeman has said, "[W]e try to closely match the nutritional make-up of the prey dogs and cats would naturally eat in the wild." You can see this for yourself if you take a look at their website.

But maybe you want to hear what Desmond and I have to say about the food, since we tried out a bag of the beef meal. Well, I will tell you right away that I absolutely loved this food. We had this product a few months ago but weren't able to do our review and giveaway until now, and I still vividly remember how much Desmond enjoyed the food and all the things I liked about it as well. 

First of all, the smell was un-offensive. It didn't smell delicious to me, but I think most dog food has a bit of a stench. The Nature's Logic food wasn't really that bad. Desmond, of course, thought it smelled just dandy.

"Yumalicious, Mom!"


That kibble was gone within seconds.

Desmond really enjoyed this food, and his enjoyment of it lasted for the entire bag, which is rare--although, I feel compelled to note that this was a small bag and not the typical 30+ pounds we usually have. We also didn't need to supplement his food at any point to get him to eat his meals, which is great because supplementing can be time consuming. Granted, if we were feeding him Nature's Logic full-time, I promise you we would be supplementing for supplementing's sake.

Waiting patiently for his release cue

Enjoying dinner

Sidebar: By the way, that's the Unbreakoball in the pics. It's huge, and that's not even the huge one. It's been virtually useless for us, as Des doesn't like any ball he can't fit in his mouth and he doesn't seem interested in putting his teeth into the holes. Waste of money. Oh well.

Not only did Desmond like the food, but the food liked him back. He didn't create any room-clearing smells inside or gross-to-pick-up presents outside. Yay, Nature's Logic!

My very favorite thing about Nature's Logic food is the size of the kibble. It's wee. Smaller than any other kibble pieces we've seen--and we've tried a lot of different food brands. I feel like he had an easier time eating it, although that may be just in my head. A certainty, though, is that Momma had an easier time getting this kibble into his various treat-dispensing toys. Anything that saves me a few seconds here and there is a friend of mine.

I haven't seen any kibble for adult dogs that even comes in this size--unless it's specifically for small breeds, which Desmond is not. Bummer. I'd be interested in feeding him kibble of this size, in general. 

Look: wee li'l kibble

That's a bottle cap for perspective

I liked Nature's Logic so much, that I decided I wanted to start feeding it to Desmond all the time. Unfortunately, there are some problems with that. 

The store closest to us that sells this food is an independent pet-supply store--that also sells puppies. Or, I think they sell puppies. They definitely have a bunch of crates with puppies in them in the middle of the store. I have never inquired or investigated, so I guess it's possible that these are rescue puppies, but I somehow doubt that. This makes me not want to support this store with my money. 

OK, so I'd have to order it online. No big deal. I love shopping online anyway. But I have another problem. The price is higher than what I would prefer to pay. A 26.4-pound bag retails for about $54.99, and I can't seem to find a place that has free shipping. Blue Buffalo is probably the most expensive food we've fed Desmond, and we usually get a 30-pound bag for about that much, if not less thanks to coupons. 

I'm sure I could find some coupons for Nature's Logic or the online sellers, and in reality that's not such a huge price difference, but I am super cheap, so those few less pounds of food for the same money would drive me nuts on the inside. My husband would undoubtedly tell me I'm insane and we should just buy the food if it's the food I really like and Desmond likes it, too. 

I actually still have the empty bag of Nature's Logic sitting in our spare room as a reminder to look around and find the best deal on it. It's something on my to-do list that I really do intend to get around to doing (unlike so many of the other things on said list). I very much want to feed this food to my doggie. 

Perhaps you would like to try it out for yourself. You're in luck, because we have a giveaway for you. Use the Rafflecopter widget to enter. Again, I must apologize to my Canadian friends, as this is open to U.S. residents (18 & over only) exclusively. You Canadians have some crazy rules about giveaways, and I don't want to get kidnapped by Mounties, so I'm being safe rather than sorry. 

When you leave a comment to enter the giveaway, please don't forget to choose your type of dog food (wet, dry, frozen) and flavor. If you have any issues with the Rafflecopter, please email me, and I'll do my best to help you out.

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