Thursday, May 31, 2012

K9 Kamp: Week Two

Let me get this over with and just tell you the name of this past week's challenge: Play With Your Balls. (Hey, folks, I don't name them I just participate.) You get a few seconds to snicker, and then we're moving on...



We were tasked with playing fetch but making things a bit more exciting--and also getting our own butts moving in the process. Desmond loves his b-a-l-l, so I had no worries about getting things done. My biggest worry was that he would finally destroy the only ball we currently have (it's this Ruff Dawg one, which I got from, which really is fabulous and you should join it just for Pets Thursdays!), and I'd be forced to acquire a new one in a hurry.

We used to play fetch every day, but as Desmond's energy levels have simmered down in his second year of life, we've been playing only a couple times a week. For this, we played almost every day.

Here's our list of K9 Kamp activities:
  • One or two sessions in the house, with the ball; one with a jumble of rope that used to be a ball. Very little human calorie burning took place here.
  • Two sessions outside with the ball, where I ran around with or away from Des like a psycho and dodged what felt like a million mosquitoes, gnats, and flies.
  • One session outside that was just Des and my mom, using his moose KONG knot toy, which he attacked and killed in the process. It is now just a rope.
  • One session outside where I kept teasing him by waving the ball over my head to make him jump. I consider this an arm workout.
  • One session of Desmond in the Middle, outside with the husband. Truth: I am terrible at this game. Joey was embarrassed.
  • There were also two failed sessions. One involved our still-useless Unbreakoball. The other involved me trying to work on Desmond's Drop It during fetch, and Desmond deciding treats are more important than chasing the ball again, so that was the end of both the game and the training. As if we don't feed him or something. Um, hello?? You're three pounds overweight, my dear. We feed you plenty!
"I seriously have no idea what you want me to do with this thing."

Here's proof that Desmond is too sexy buff for his shirt:
He can't close his new Mets jacket.

But he knows the importance of angles and lighting. If he stands just so, you'd never notice the chub.

Meanwhile, the back of the jacket is huge on his super-model-skinny waist.

In addition, I managed to fit in three workouts of my own, and I also planted my vertical herb garden and helped clean the house & put up our screen house over the holiday weekend, so I claim exercise there. Most of that sounds not that hard--and it's not--but it was like freakin 90 degrees. I really need to get a pool.

Of course, Mr. Wonky Legs also made it to the dog park a couple times and went on his regular walk/jogs in the morning. His pants feel looser already!

How did everyone else do?


P.S. If you don't have that Right Said Fred song stuck in your head now, I have failed.

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