Thursday, May 24, 2012

K9 Kamp: Week One

Well, the first week of K9 Kamp is over, and I'm happy to report that no one has lost a limb or managed to set themselves on fire or anything.

On a scale of 1-10, I'd say scored about a 6 on the Walking on Sunshine challenge. I'm disappointed. We walk every weekday morning--I thought we would rock the crap out of this one by kicking it up to some wild-good jogging times. We started out strong, doing intervals of jogging on our morning walk, but we ran into two problems. Amazingly, neither are related to Desmond's leash reactivity.

Problem #1: Humidity

Dude. It's May. In New York. Not August on the Bayou. What the heck? All week long, it's been either raining, about to rain, or just finished raining, and the temperature has been 65 degrees (I have no idea what that would be in Celsius, sorry). It's been gross. And foggy. And gross. Granted, we are never more than a half mile from the water no matter where I take Desmond on his walk, so I guess that's not helping matters and is making things somewhat Bayou-y.

In any case, humidity is not a great motivator. It is a great sticky-maker and a great slow-you-down-er. It is also a great, "Oh my god, am I even getting any oxygen?"-er. Jogging, or even walking, through soupy air is not a good time.

Problem #2: Desmond is lazy

I don't know if this is selective laziness or if it's related to Problem #1, but it's slowing things down quite a bit. By this morning, I couldn't get him to even power walk with me. Lazy bum. He saw a few squirrels and gave only a half-hearted effort to chase them. It was almost sad.

What did we accomplish?
  • Five 45-minute walks instead of five 30-minute walks (I don't walk him on weekend mornings, because he gets a lot of exercise at the park or doing other things)
  • One great walk/jog followed by two OK walk/jogs followed by one power walk followed by one very lame and slow walk
  • Three 20-minute workouts during which Desmond either tried to play with me or chewed vigorously on an antler
  • One pilates class that Desmond had nothing to do with but I think it counts anyway
It could have gone worse, for sure. I was expecting to get dragged along the sidewalk, face-first at some point. So yay for that not happening. 

Week Two starts tomorrow. Bring it on! I'm ready. Desmond? I guess we'll see.

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