Monday, May 28, 2012

The Honest Kitchen Treats Review

Recently, I've become quite intrigued by The Honest Kitchen, because of the advertised quality of their products and the uncertainty I feel about dog food and treats at this point. I know other folks and their dogs--like the crews at Dog Blog USA and Take Paws--love THK, so I had really been meaning to pick up some edibles for Desmond. Best laid plans...blah blah blah. 

Then Mr. Chewy asked us to review some Honest Kitchen treats (which inspired me to finally order a sample of their dehydrated food--let's hope that making it goes better than attempt #1 did--and that's entirely unrelated to this review or Mr. Chewy), and I happily agreed to do so. I chose Pecks, the buffalo & blueberry flavored bite-sized cookies. You know me, always looking for smaller treats.

I was a little nervous about this one, having realized that Desmond is Mr. Picky Pants lately, and I really wanted to be pleased with the treats. Pecks definitely look and smell good. (I didn't have my husband eat any this time, even though the package clearly states these are human-grade munchies.) 

That's a real blueberry in there. :-)
Although I did not make it very easy to tell with my photo, these bite-sized treats are not as small as I would have preferred them to be. They're a little smaller than thumbnail size, and I can't break them into pieces unless I basically crush them into crumbs/powder. 

Not the end of the world, though. I just don't use them for walks/training. We've been using them for random moments or during human dinner (we have Desmond trained to beg politely, meaning as long as he is lying down quietly while we eat, we'll toss him some snacks every so often throughout our meal).

Does Desmond like them?
Based on the drool spots, I'll say it's a positive review.
Based on the attitude, I'll say Desmond would like me to leave the treats on the bed and just go away.

I am happy to report that these were a hit! Desmond is still enjoying them now that we're close to finishing the package, which has been rare these days for crunchy treats. Phew!

I'd surely order these in the future and would try the other flavors (chicken & cranberry, duck & cherry) as well. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem that the Honest Kitchen offers any moist treats--Desmond's fave--but they do have Ice Pups, which are unlike anything I've seen before. It's a mix that you can make and serve warm, cold, or frozen. They also make dehydrated haddock treats, but I want nothing to do with that. I do not even want to contemplate the smell. No no no. Seafood stinky. 

Here's a somewhat random tidbit about Pecks: they are seemingly impervious to ungraceful, lazy dog moms and humidity. 

When I mauled opened the box, I made it un-closeable. Yes, that's a word for today. The treats come in a little plastic bag inside the box, but I am lazy as well as constantly in a mad rush, so I rarely even attempted to close/fold the plastic bag. 

Essentially, these treats were sitting open for a few weeks--a few weeks that happened to be fairly warm and humid, and we haven't really made use of our air conditioners yet, so a climate-controlled environment this is not. The treats are still just as crunchy as they were on day one. I find this pretty impressive. 

And now, for no reason at all, here are two more pictures of Desmond looking oh-so-happy. 

While we're here talking about Mr. Chewy, let's not forget about their awesome discount & donation program. When you place your first order on and use the Life With Desmond promo code DESM8618, you'll get 10% off, plus Mr. Chewy will donate $10 to Bideawee. So far, Mr. Chewy's coupon for Life With Desmond readers has provided $720 to Bideawee. That rocks my socks off! Let's keep it going.

Disclaimer: In case it's not clear, Mr. Chewy asked for a review of the Honest Kitchen treats and shipped them over to me in exchange for my honest opinion. They did not ask for all the pix of Desmond, but I'm sure they wanted them anyway.  :-)
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