Sunday, May 20, 2012

Healthy Dogma Review

I recently received some products from Healthy Dogma to review. Quite a few of them, actually, which was rad. Yes, I just brought back rad. You can't do anything about that. Healthy Dogma is all about, well, your dog being healthy. Check this out:

image captured from the Healthy Dogma website
Feeding Desmond healthy stuff is a definite interest of mine, so when I opened the box to find Apple Barkers, Peaceful Pooch, Blissful Banana Crisps, and PetMix Lamb & Green Bean dehydrated food samples, I was a happy dog momma.

The Apple Barkers biscuits looked and smelled pretty good.


All the loot

Desmond realizing what's going on

Getting a nice whiff

Does he like Apple Barkers?

I guess so! (I like to make him work for things now.)

The banana crisps look so good, I am tempted to eat them myself.

There are only two ingredients--bananas and coconut oil--so I probably can eat them myself. Maybe I should recruit Joey...

"And what do we have here?"

Crunchy 'nanas
Everything was going great! Desmond liked the biscuits and bananas. But about a week or so after we got them, he decided to shun these treats. He would no longer eat them unless I tossed them in with his food. I wasn't sure what to make of this, because he has been awfully picky lately, so I brought the biscuits over to his DBFF Kona's house for her to try. She gobbled them up no problem whatsoever. That being the case, I left her with the rest of the container. No sense in them going to waste here. 

The bananas I still put in his breakfast every day. I really want him to eat those--they are good for him! I still think they look freakin delicious, personally, so I don't know what his problem is. Maybe he's onto me, with the healthy stuff...

Then we have the natural calming supplement. It's a powder you sprinkle onto your dog's meal. And it stinks to high heaven! We had some all-natural calming drops a while back that also stunk the same way, so I am guessing they share an ingredient and it's that ingredient which STINKS. Blech. 

In any case, I've been adding a teaspoon, as directed, to his food every morning. He does seem a little calmer before we leave for work, but I know from my past experience that Desmond requires something a little stronger to achieve real calmness. I'm sure other dogs have success with these kinds of things, but Desmond not so much. 

Honestly, I'm still giving him a scoop of it every morning, because--again--I don't want to waste it. Lately, though, I've been having a little inner debate about the amount of supplements we give our dog, and I think I would like to cut down, so it may be time to stop with this one as well.

The last review product is the dehydrated food. This is my first real experience with this type of food, so I wasn't sure what to expect. Lesson #1--another stinker. What is the deal with so many healthy, edible dog products smelling like the worst thing ever? There has got to be a better way. 

Desmond was not offended by the smell, though. He was excited and came over to be annoying in the kitchen while I attempted to prepare this stuff. This is not his usual meal-prep routine. He knows better. So, I'm guessing the scent of the food is very dog-pleasing.

Now, let me just say that I am not good with things like measurements and math and numbers and the like. This is why baking makes me want to cry. So, when I was following the directions for how to make the food (3 ounces of PetMix plus 1 cup of warm water), I was unsure of myself.

First of all, how the heck do you measure 3 ounces of something? And are liquid ounces different from dry ounces? Luckily, I found a measuring device that had ounces all spelled out for me, so I went with that and decided to just not worry about the liquid vs. dry thing.

By the way, see that ajar cabinet in the back? That's where we keep our garbage now, so Desmond won't rummage through it looking for leftover Chinese food. And, yes, that is a child safety device on the door. All of our lower cabinets and drawers have them.

So I mix up the stuff and set a timer. It has to stand for 5 minutes. Desmond proceeds to throw a tantrum in the kitchen.

Freshly mixed

Timer goes off. Food looks pretty much the same to me as it did before. Hmm... I must have screwed this up somehow. But I followed the directions. So, what gives?

Five minutes later

OK, let me add some more mix and see what happens, directions be damned. Still not looking quite right. Screw it, I'm putting in the whole packet (there wasn't enough left at this point to make another batch anyway). Now it looks more like what would be right.

After adding the entire mix packet

Lesson #2--ignore directions?? I still have no clue, though, because I've never done this before. Maybe it's supposed to be liquid-y? Maybe I should have looked it up online? Oh well. Too late. Not that Desmond cared. He was all about eating that stuff.

I did actually take the bowl away from him twice, because I was worried he would puke due to his water-chugging issues. He was like Mom, for reals? but he did wait patiently each time. Good doggie. 

What are my final thoughts on all of this? I don't think I would order these products. I feel kind of bad saying that, but it's true. The treats and supplement don't hold much value in this household, and the food was possibly more work than I'm willing to put in. That being said, I'm curious about the meat flavored biscuits. Those might be more up Desmond's alley. Or maybe he's just like his momma and would rather eat junk food. :-)

P.S. Since drafting this post, I asked my very fantastic husband to taste the banana crisps. He expected them to taste like...more. As a disclaimer, I'd like to say that no one from Healthy Dogma suggested that a human in the household give the product a whirl. This was my bright idea only. Also, I was not compensated for this review with anything other than the products themselves. Opinions are mine and only mine, as you can likely tell from their general Lauren-ness.
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