Tuesday, April 17, 2012

How to Fail at Gotcha Day & Blogiversary

For your entertainment, I'll be adding some random
"Des is resting so let me bother him" pix.
Well, I've done it again. I am so not caught up on things behind the scenes at LWD (including commenting on your posts--I've got a backlog that goes back to March. Yikes!) that I have completely glossed over both Desmond's Gotcha Day and our blogiversary.

Desmond's Gotcha Day was April 1. I had great intentions. There was going to be a cheesy photoshopping job involved. My grand fantasy definitely included exploring a new park/hiking spot. I contemplated taking him back to the spot where we adopted him and taking a pic. I even ordered him some gifts and followed through on our plan of getting him pet insurance in honor of him not dying or breaking a leg during his first year under our care.

But none of those things happened either at all or at the right time, and I failed to take pictures of his loot when it did eventually arrive. We did not have a special celebration. We didn't even get him something from the barkery. Luckily, Desmond has no idea what's going on, so he didn't seem to care.

I'm now contemplating ditching his birthday celebration in the future (since it's estimated anyway) and focusing on his Gotcha Day instead. I think both of them being so close together threw me off.

Shortly after that non-event came and went, I failed to honor another: my blogiversary. April 5th of last year, I started this blog. It's probably hard to believe, but I was even more inane and rambling in that first month, mostly because I was pretty sure only my parents, my in-laws, and Aunt Jane were reading it.
"Mother, you are a constant annoyance."

Then came you guys--the awesome folks in this crazy dog-bloggers community--and along with that came a feeling that I needed to be a little less "Dear Diary" and a little more, "Well, would ya look at that; I'm writing a blog and people are reading it." Emphasis on the "little", obviously.

So, thank you very much to everyone who is here to remind me this isn't completely pointless. I heart you!

Because I am not nearly as cool or ambitious as one of my favorite Canadians, Kristine at Rescued Insanity, I don't have much to offer you except links to my top five most popular posts (that are not giveaways) and five of my favorite early posts that didn't get a lot of eyes but I'd love to revisit. There's some history there and some, "Oh my god, what were we thinking??" My first post is linked above. Enjoy!

  1. A Rant by the Owner of a Leash-reactive Dog
  2. 2012-ish Goals
  3. My Dog Ran Away Last Night
  4. Mr. Chewy Review & Donation Opportunity
  5. Breed Discrimination Really Pisses Me Off
"Just because I didn't even move this time doesn't mean I'm enjoying this."
  1. Our Creepy-footed Kangaroo
  2. Desmond's Big Weekend
  3. The Bathroom Incident
  4. Our Gardener Should Be Fired
  5. Obedience Training Lesson 1 (From the beginning, something wasn't right, but I just didn't know any better.)
Paw cross! I need to get this on cue one day.

P.S. I do have some reviews & giveaways lined up for the next month or so. Stay tuned! Desmond looks thrilled about that, doesn't he?

P.P.S. I want to post about my ABC externship, but I feel like I should at least ask permission. This Sunday, at class, I will attempt to remember that.

P.P.P.S. Are we the only loonies with pet insurance? What do you have? How long did you mull over this decision? Do you think it turned out to be worth it?
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