Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Dollars for Daffy Fundraiser

Have you guys heard about the Dollars for Daffy fundraiser that the Barkers Dozen is running? You may have seen Rama's Mama talking about it on her blog, or if I'm really lucky, you've seen me talking about it on Examiner.com.

Meet Daffy! (photo credit: Ingrid Trinka via the Barkers Dozen)

Dollars for Daffy is a fundraiser for a sweet rescue dog who is suffering from a somewhat-mysterious neurological disorder. Her hu-mom, Ingrid, is unable to get her to the treatment she needs, which is quite far from where they live. Ingrid and Daffy have a very interesting history in addition to their medical challenges. You can find out how to donate and read more of their story in my article: Help a dog in need with Dollars for Daffy.

I can't help but end today's post with a pic of my dear doggie, as this is his blog after all. This is what happens after he goes to the dog park. Hooray for the dog park!

Notice his new collar? It's reflective! And I got a leash that matches it, but it's in orange so they make up Mets colors, sort of. It's shockingly hard to find Mets colors that are not on what is blatantly a Mets collar, which I do not want. Joey thinks it makes him look like a girl, though, because it's light blue. I don't think it's that bad, but what do I know? Truly, I only bought the set because I am required to have a 4-foot leash for the training classes, and I decided I wanted a collar to go with it. This has turned out to be a very long photo caption, hasn't it? Don't worry: I'm going now.
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