Monday, April 30, 2012

CoatPlus Winner & Partial Review

Folks, we have a winner for the Arenus CoatPlus™ supplement, and that winner is Nancy. Congratulations, Nancy! I hope you and your pup find the supplement to be a great success.

As for us, we've been using it for a couple weeks now, so I can certainly give you all my first impressions of the product, but I still don't have any input on its results/effects. Once we are done with every last capsule in the bottle, I will post an update to let you know if Desmond is all soft and silky smooth and itch-less.

For now, let's review what we know for sure so far.

1. The capsules are smelly. To a dog. I don't smell a damn thing, quite frankly, but Desmond sniffed the crap out of the package when it arrived, and then the bottle when we removed it from the box, and then the pills when I opened the bottle. Sheesh, dog. Hold your horses.

2. The capsules are apparently not as yummy as they smell. To a dog. We thought, based on the way Desmond sniffed everything, that he might just plain eat the thing--like he does with his probiotic supplement and heartworm pills--but the dog who will turn down his nose at a slice of processed wrapped-in-plastic cheese product also did not want to nosh on this beefy capsule.

3. The capsules are beefy. Yes, they are beef flavored, but that's not really what I mean. I mean they're large and in charge. I would not even attempt to swallow such a thing, as I'm the type of person who has a hard time with Zyrtec, and this is literally the reason I don't take vitamins. Lame, I know. But I don't need to swallow these things, thank goodness. Desmond doesn't seem to have trouble with it, so that's a plus.

4. The capsules sometimes get left in the dust. Desmond pulls off simultaneously being a picky jerk and a food-obsessed maniac. He sometimes scarfs down his meals without the assistance of any food or flavor boosters, like veggies or added protein or a little canned dog food. Other times, he will look at his plain, dry bowl of kibble and scoff. There's no telling when he'll go either route, so we just wing it.

Along with his kibble, he gets his B multivitamin, which is also pretty big (though not as big as the CoatPlus) and very obviously smells and tastes like a yucky vitamin. Some days, he leaves this pill in his bowl, but this usually happens when his food is kibble only. Or it happens when he winds up biting into the pill instead of just wolfing it down along with kibble. Then we'll find pieces of the pill leftover, and that's understandable. I don't blame the guy!

Vitamin B on the left, CoatPlus on the right

In any case, that's a long way around to get to this point: We thought he might go ahead and eat the CoatPlus along with his kibble. He would not. We either had to add extras to his food to make him so excited about eating that he just blindly gobbled or we had to stick it in some peanut butter after he ate, and then he put it down no problem. He has not attempted to eat just the PB and spit out the supplement. That's a good thing.

And that's kind of as far as I can go with this review. Does it seem like Des is scratching a little less? Yes. Does it seem like he feels softer in places where he wasn't all that soft before? Yes. But I don't feel confident saying this is due to the supplement, as it might just be me thinking I see/feel things. That's why I want to wait it out so I can be sure.

I was actually thinking of cleaning my house so I could see how much less dog hair accumulates all over the place, but that seems like a lot of work, and--let's be honest--I'm too lazy for that. Oh well, it's the thought that counts.

An update on Arenus CoatPlus will be coming up in a few weeks! Desmond's looking forward to it.

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