Friday, April 27, 2012

5:30 AM Walks

I'm sure by now you've heard me mention about a million times that I walk Desmond at 5:30 in the morning, Monday through Friday. I'm a morning person, so this isn't the worst thing ever, but it really really really really really really really is the opposite of fun in the winter. And in some of the fall. And in early spring.

Being out in the dark--which is what it is between Daylight Saving changes--is not my idea of a good time due to my paranoia and neurosis (discussed here). Being out in the dark when it is also cold makes me rather angry.

But being out at 5:30 when the sun is already peeking his head out at me is great. It's great because I get to see a whole lot of pretty things, thanks very much to our geographic location, an on-the-water neighborhood on the South Shore of Long Island.

One day, in the far-away future, I'd love to have a boat. Or a big fancy house right on the water. Or both.
I always try to get nice pictures of Des with the pretty scenery, but it's nearly impossible. This is due to the fact that my phone camera is crap, so any tiny movement causes blur, and also the fact that Desmond looks entirely miserable/annoyed/sad at all times.
He moved a little when I took this, and look how blurry it is.
Also, look how sad he is. What a drama queen.
He honestly looks like he's lost in thought--the saddest thought anyone's ever had.
That's a little better. To look at him, you'd never know what a spoiled-rotten princess he is.

I've posted about our waterfront walks before, albeit briefly, and I try to keep an updated collection of all our morning pictures on the Life With Desmond Facebook page (which you should totally go Like if you haven't already!), you know, for posterity. There are a bunch there already, if you'd like to take a look.

P.S. For anyone who is wondering, no, I do not get up at 5 AM on weekends to walk my crazy dog. But because of his leash reactivity, we kind of can't walk him at any normal hours when people and their dogs are out. We're working on things, but he's still not ready for that kind of exposure. So, we take him to the dog park, where he can be around dogs off-leash (not that the walk from the car to the gate isn't quite a challenge, since he can see the dogs the entire time). I'd like to start taking him hiking, too, but our weekends tend to be very busy, so that's easier said than done. I do plan to make it a priority though. My hope is to get one hike in per month. I figure if I start with a goal like that, I may have a shot at meeting it.
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