Thursday, March 15, 2012

We've Been Tagged!

a little while ago, Hawk from browndog cbr and Jules from The Daily Dog Blog both tagged me in the blogger Q&A game. i'm proud of myself for not waiting months on end to write this post. progress!

1.  Describe yourself in 7 words: 
desmond: hungry, vocal, lazy, crazy, anxious, zoom-y, king 
me: busy, organized, disorganized, social, homebody, impatient, well-intentioned
2. What keeps you up at night?
desmond: not being tucked in, not touching a human, thoughts of breakfast
me: snoring, both canine and human; any source of light; getting punched by paws; whining; panicking about things i need to do; worrying about not hearing my alarm; strange noises in my yard, real or imagined
3. Who would you like to be?
desmond: the town mayor, every dog's best friend, the keeper of all chicken bones and balls on earth
me: the independently wealthy version of me, so i can stay home with desmond and we can be ladies of leisure together (yes, i just called desmond a lady. he knows how i feel.)
4. What are you wearing right now?
desmond: a fancy leather collar gifted to me from Doggie Stylish, my new tags, lots of loose hair, an unimpressed facial expression
me: jeans and both my newly acquired Ruff House Rescue shirt and newly acquired glasses. ugh (on the glasses not the RHR shirt).
5. What scares you?
desmond: motorcycles, fireworks, paw cleaner spray, weird noises in the backyard (real or imagined), sometimes thunderstorms, sometimes packages, yelling
me: more things than don't... bugs, the dark, ghosts, weird noises (in the backyard and anywhere), walking alone, going places for the first time by myself, natural disasters, global warming, fanatics, getting stuck on the train, getting stuck in an elevator, running out of gas in the car, getting lost in the woods and dying of starvation, people who might want to rob/mug/murder/harass/burglarize me or my house and may be hiding in the bushes or casing the joint or waiting for me to come home alone one day so they can attack me in the driveway, identity theft, making small talk, destitution, getting laid off, losing our house, losing our dog, losing my husband, suddenly developing an allergy to food i love, not being able to turn around the trend of my pants not fitting, worrying so much about sunblock and getting skin cancer anyway, looking out windows at night, walking past open windows at night, desmond and an opossum/raccoon/cat getting into a fight in my yard, our very old garage collapsing, propane tank explosion, dryer bursting into flames. i could keep going. i'm completely nuts.
6. The best and worst of blogging.
desmond: there's nothing good about this. no one asked me if i wanted to be on the internet, and it takes up too much of mom's time. 
me: knowing i'm not the only crazy dog lady
7. The last website I visited.
desmond: as if. the last thing i did was push my head down on mom's arm while she was typing this. 
me: triberr. i love triberr. everyone should love triberr. 
8. What is one thing I would change about myself?
desmond: i'd be more into water. all my doggie BFFs are having fun without me. and i'd be cuter during human dinner. i'd make them see that i need their food.
me: i definitely need more patience and to loosen up a bit. i am very into my schedule and my planner and knowing what i'm doing ahead of time. way ahead of time. i have every weekend of my life figured out just about through july at this point. my to-do lists are mildly insane. i do not deal with changes in plans, lateness, lack of commitment/flakiness or spontaneity well.
9. Slankets--yes or no.
desmond: can i be under it? fine by me.
me: hell no! because a slanket is not a snuggie, and i'm loyal to my snuggie. don't go there.
10. Tell us something about the dog(s) that tagged you.
desmond: i have no idea who these doggies are, and this is a major problem for me. i'm about to start whining just thinking about it. and i will not stop until you let me greet them.
me: hawk lives a life that desmond could really get behind--being outdoors, being off-leash, and often enjoying the freedom of the no-collar lifestyle. cali is absolutely gorgeous and incredibly well-behaved and well-adjusted and she is living in a household that is just full of love. desmond is jealous. OK, OK--i'm the one who's jealous.

time to pass on the tag! if you've been tagged already, feel free to ignore me. :-)

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