Thursday, March 22, 2012

Three Lies and One Truth

UPDATE: um, yeah, hi. i just realized i had the title of this blog post backwards--as Three Truths and One Lie. no no no. this list contains only one true thing. the other three are lies.

a big thanks goes out to 2 Brown Dawgs for commenting on the post in such a way that i was alerted to my error. THANK YOU!!


i came across this cute little game on Cindy Carroll's blog, Life Write Now (it's not a doggie blog, FYI), and thought i'd bring it over here to crazy dog lady land.

she says it's usually played as a conversation starter in business environments, and since we are oh-so-very corporate here at LWD, why not join in?

i will tell you four things about desmond. you guess which one is true. ready?

  1. desmond has humped the face of another dog
  2. we have heard desmond do the doggie laugh
  3. desmond has been deemed too reactive to be my partner dog during my externship for Animal Behavior College
  4. we taught desmond to ring a bell when he has to go potty

hit the comments to let me know your guess. in a few days, i'll reveal what's what. 

i encourage you to play on your blog, too. good times!

ready to say, "aww"? here's desmond lovin' up on his daddy:


and here's desmond lovin' up on his couch. and by "his" i mean "our". and by "our" i really mean "pretty much desmond's".
here's a version of that pic with a photoshop filter on, because it amused me greatly. oh, yes, desmond. you're a real work of art.

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