Thursday, March 8, 2012

Playing Catch Up: Articles

it's been a hot minute since i've shared my doggie articles from, so while i'm sitting here in a minor panic over the backlog of posts i need to write or finish or plan or...whatever...i thought i'd put these up to make myself feel like i've accomplished something.

pathetic, i know.

in the hopper is my post about desmond's 2nd birthday (his first with us), which was tuesday. TUESDAY. who's a crappy dog mom? this girl! oh, and my "tagged" post. and those freakin videos. seriously. if i don't have those videos up by april, can someone slap me? donna of Donna and the Dogs may be closest from what i can tell, so i'll need her to come and take care of that. because she doesn't have enough going on anyway. ;-)

please enjoy these little write-ups. i've left out some of the LI events posts for dates that have passed, but i did leave the recent one in just in case someone finds it useful and included the one about the LI Pet Expo as well. 

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