Sunday, March 18, 2012

My One-Day-Late St. Pat's Post

folks, it's 10:30 AM the day after st. patrick's day, and i am up and about and feeling fine. i'd like to give myself a big "woo hoo" for that, so, woo hoo!

moving on...
the quality of this pic is awful, but his face is hilarious

i posted on yesterday about some of the irish dog breeds, and i'd like to share that here. 

today, we're all going to St. Patrick's Day Goes to the Dogs at a local indoor dog park, so that should be fun, and i hope to get some decent pictures, but i had a hell of a time doing that at the Pints & Paws event (these events are both run by the same group, the Long Island Dog Owners Group, or LI-DOG) so who knows how that will work out. i hope to get another sweet doggie goodie bag, too! 

i realized this morning that we have nothing green for desmond to wear (and outfits are encouraged at these events), so we're going to head to Pet Supplies Plus to get his birthday surprise and hopefully something festive he can don today. 

doesn't he just always look like he needs a hug?

another article i posted this week was about the dog-sitting service we use for desmond, Goodnight Lucky. i recommend checking it out if you have any dreams of starting a dog-sitting business, because it's one of the best things i've ever heard of, particularly on the Island. 

Goodnight Lucky is one of Long Island's best dog-sitting services

one night after we let him out to go potty, we went back to get him and found him sitting in the dark like this. we're pretty sure he was stalking the cat who sits on the railing of our neighbor's porch. he wasn't moving a muscle other than his neck. crazy doggie.

on a semi-side note, if any of you are interested in starting a column for, please let me know. i'd be happy to provide a referral for your application. you don't have to write about dogs, either, so feel free to expand your horizons. 
squishy face!
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