Monday, March 12, 2012

Happy Birthday, Desmond!

our wonky baby is 2 years old, y'all! well, actually, now he's almost 2 years and 1 week old, but it's all good.

and i feel like we've been living with him for at least double that. nah, i'm just kidding. no, wait, i'm actually not. desmond's a unique dog, for sure. he's been a challenge, but we L-O-V-E him all the more for it. if nothing else, i owe him a huge thank you for showing me that i do not, in any way, want to get a real puppy. not now. not likely ever. you guys all go right on ahead, though. i can live vicariously through you. :-)

happy 2nd birthday, des! once you've recovered from your treats hangover, get some rest, because it's almost time for your gotcha day...

we took him to PETCO to help us pick out some of his last gifts, and i had big plans to document the trip, but he was all over the place, so this was all i got.

the birthday loot!
desmond making every effort to stay next to his birthday loot
checking things out
he was super pumped about that Pet Stages toy
he has since destroyed one of those blue rings
desmond also was really into these Charlee Bear treats. we first discovered them through Animal Behavior College (they highly recommend them for training), and he really liked them, so i thought we'd try a new flavor.
"yeah dad, gimme those treats!"
and we got him a new ball--the same one he had before and loved--because he's not too fond of his Kong ball, probably because he can't really chew on it

and because i have issues, i insisted that desmond needed a birthday bow tie. it's way too small, but i was getting desperate and running out of time to buy one, so i settled. 
oh, and we got him his very first polo shirt, which i think is absolutely hilarious
i freakin love this thing

here's a closer look at the rest of his loot:

i got this doormat through a sale. it's so cute. i love it. we haven't used it yet, though, so i'm not quite sure how well it works.
a gambling tower treat-dispensing toy, which i am really unsure desmond will be able to figure out. we shall see...
i know he loves the little jacs, and it turns out he likes the other Bil Jac treats, too.
some of his favorite treats and his favorite ball. actually, these treats were also brought to our attention by ABC. they really know their treat stuff.
thanks to leslie at Bringing Up Bella, i learned about these awesome flags that slide onto your leash. hopefully, it will help some of the folks out on the street understand that desmond is a work in progress (funny--i actually typed the word "problem" first instead of "progress").
we recently lost desmond's tags--not his blanketID, though, cate. don't worry--so they had to be replaced, but we already had his Mets tag from last year (we lost the Jets tag) and had the good fortune of getting a new rabies tag anyway, so only really his microchip tag is not being replaced. in any case, it was the plastic microchip tag that was keeping the metal tags from clinking and clanging, so we had to get this guy.
you may be wondering how the heck we lost the tags in the first place. well, we had them on a little cloth fastener thingy--this one to be exact--and the whole thing fell off somehow. so it's desmond's fault. as per usual. PETCO didn't have the cloth one that day, though, so we settled for this metal version. it's OK, but i prefer the cloth one.

desmond seems pretty happy with the turnout, although he did not get any puppy cake. we do still have to go pick up our birthday surprise from Pet Supplies Plus, so maybe they'll be providing something yummy from the barkery.
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