Monday, March 5, 2012

Desmond's Photo Shoot

do you remember our christmas card? well, i have to tell you a little secret:

i photoshopped it.

the original version of that picture actually looks like this:

oh, yes, that's right--we took our dog to get his picture taken by a professional at PETCO. and let me tell you something else: i fully intend to hire a photographer to do a session of us and desmond at some point, when i happen to have lots of money lying around. i am not ashamed about this in any way.

i'm also not ashamed to say that although the $9.99 that was advertised for the portraits is what attracted me to this in the first place, we walked out of there having spent almost $100. suckers. that's what we are.

but i couldn't help it, because desmond was such a great model that he had various poses i couldn't resist when we all reviewed the pictures afterward.

don't you agree?

look at him sitting in that little dog bed. we tried to get him to lie down in it, as he has done with shea's bed, but he was too concerned with the very loud squeaker the photographer had.

how ridiculous is he? i love this dog.

i would say he looks regal here, but i know too much about him.

so, twelve gold stars for desmond on his stellar behavior during the photo op. he didn't even seem concerned with other doggies in the store that day, and i have never been able to figure out why (so i could repeat forever and ever whatever it was we were doing then). the whole thing was splendid and i think the pictures came out great. i'm not kidding about that family photo shoot, although it may turn into just me and desmond (and molly??), because i think joey would probably think this is too far over the line of crazy dog lady. one day...

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