Friday, March 2, 2012

Awards Season at Life With Desmond

are you sad that the big Hollywood awards are over? let me cheer you up.

i thought this would be a good time to finally get around to posting about some awards we have recently received here on the blog. these awards are way better than all those other awards anyway, because we all actually have a shot at getting some. i don't have any awesome swag bags to give out, though. sorry!
Donna over at Donna and the Dogs gave us the Versatile Blogger award. thank you, Donna!

back in the fall, i posted about this award and so i thought that today i would use this opportunity to re-read my list from that post and update it:
  • i'm a copy editor by day. you'd never realize that from my mostly-lowercase typing, but it's true. don't worry: i will not ridicule you for spelling and grammar errors in the comments (i save that treat for my nearest and dearest friends only!) this is still entirely true, although i did say i was contemplating making the switch over to using normal-people typing on this here blog. perhaps i'll make that change when i do my redesign, which i still swear is going to happen...
  • desmond is my first dog with my husband, but i grew up with a white terrier mix named clarence. i hope to unearth some photos of him from boxes i never unpacked when i moved last year, so you can see how scruffy delicious he was. i have gotten absolutely nowhere with this and honestly forgot i ever mentioned it. yikes. sorry, clarence!
  • i have a very serious, untreated chapstick addiction. still fully in effect. i'm okay with it.
  • i'm neurotic/anal retentive/paranoid. my husband is in a wedding in cleveland on new years eve. we're both really excited about our trip, but we will be away for 4-5 days and kind of have no idea what we're going to do with desmond yet. i don't really want to leave him with a paid sitter for so long; we're not sure if he can be trusted alone in a parent's house; and taking him with us isn't that easy since we can't leave him in the hotel room alone anyway. i think about this daily, and i'm certain that's not normal. woo hoo! mission accomplished and no tragedies occurred (unless you count canceling our flight to drive home from cleveland to long island a tragedy. or  unless you count desmond's collar breaking as a tragedy. i don't.)!
  • if money--and laws--were no object, i'd quit my job to open a dogs-and-their-owners-only bar/restaurant/hotel/park. i'm still waiting for that lotto win...
  • i moved from queens to long island. a year and a couple months later, i'm adjusting to semi-suburban life and homeownership far more easily than i'd imagined i would. (i say semi-suburban because we are walking distance to many necessary goods and services.) we've been here now almost two years, and i love it more every day--but i do really wish friends and family lived closer. or we knew more people out here. joey joined the darts league and we met some cool folks that way, but i have contributed zero to our new social life, because i simply don't get out much. all my hobbies involve being homebound. i keep saying when we have a kid, i'll meet moms (and dads) we can befriend, but i ain't gettin' any younger, and i honestly don't see this is in my immediate future.
  • i have enrolled in school to become a certified dog trainer! hopefully sometime soon i'll have a post all about this--i have quite a bit to say on the subject. maybe i'll make it a series. :-) so, i rarely ever posted about school. that's because i wound up feeling like i couldn't, like it would be giving away for free what i was paying thousands of dollars for, which felt wrong and i didn't know if it was even allowed. if that makes sense. in any case, i am almost done!! i finished my last regular test a few weeks ago and will soon be starting my externship with a mentor trainer here on the Island. i'll be observing/participating in/helping teach group classes and observing private lessons and absorbing as much as i can about both training and business building. lucky for desmond, he gets to come with me to the group classes for the participation portion. this whole process will take anywhere from 3-6 months. after that, i start my shelter practicum, where i will work as a volunteer trainer at Ruff House Rescue, the shelter that brought us to desmond. 

we also received the Pawsome Blogger Award from Hawk at Brown Dog CBR and Pup Fan at I Still Want More Puppies. thanks very much to the both of you! i love that i can officially call myself pawsome now. :-)

and we received the Liebster Blog award from Haopee at My Dogs Love Me! huggies and cheese to you, Haopee. huggies and cheese!

the Liebster happens to be another award we've received previously, so let's do a redux again of whatever it is i said before, shall we? this is fun! for me, anyway. you're probably like, "oh my god, shut up already, lady!" sorry! this is what happens when i wait too long to post awards and then write my post after much coffee.

the Liebster is supposed to go to blogs with less than 200 followers. the blogs i chose that day were: Barley & Ali, Alfie's Blog, The Chronicles of Cardigan, Dog is God in Reverse, and Married with Dawgs.

these are still very much all deserving of lots and lots of followers, so i hope that they've seen their traffic grow in the past few months.

and if those awards were not enough, we also received something very cool and unique from Kristine at Rescued Insanity: a Shivie Award. the Shivie is to honor bloggers who deal with dogs that are, um, challenging. as Kristine puts it:

People who have sacrificed their very sanity for the love of a dog. That’s right, the 2012 Shivie goes to the brave souls who have endured life with a truly wacked-out canine.

so, a big big thank you goes out to Kristine for recognizing the effort, stress, frustration, embarrassment, endearment, compassion, and love that goes into and comes out of my relationship with desmond.

it's not easy every day, but having people like Kristine--and all the rest of you awesome moral supporters and misery-loves-company peeps--spending their precious minutes thinking about people like me and reaching out with recognition and input makes it SO. MUCH. EASIER. truly. this community of bloggers is blessed to have one another.

now then. the rules.

here's the thing: i don't wanna worry about the rules. this post is already way too long, is it not? how about i just shout out some of my most-recently followed blogs? and those blogs can have any one of the regular blog awards here (they cannot have any Shivies--i do not have that kind of authority).

then they can choose which of those three they like the actual real rules for (found in the links to my original posts and the links to the Pawsome posts) and write about that on their blogs one day. or not, because of these blogs have been around the block a few times and likely received these awards already (but i've only found them recently).

yeah. that's what i'm gonna do. and there are a lot of them. and you can't stop me. so there.

random picture of desmond before we call it a day? sure thing!

OK, folks, sing along with me for just one second:'re...happy and you know it...look forlorn

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