Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Answers Revealed: Three Lies and One Truth

so tired. so cute.
Last week, I told you guys some things that were possibly true or possibly false and asked you to guess which one thing was true. If you missed that post, you can read it here.

I know the suspense is killing you, so I'll tell you right now that it was number one that was true.

Yup. Desmond is a face humper. Well, I am pretty sure he's done it only to one dog--the love of his life, Jackie--but I'm not the one who usually goes to the dog park with him, so I can't be sure.

The remaining three items on the list are all false, to a point. Let me elaborate...

2. we have heard desmond do the doggie laugh
Unfortunately, we have not yet heard the doggie laugh from Desmond or any other dog we've encountered. I am pretty sure if I heard it, I would think something bad was happening anyway, so this is probably a good thing. 

3. desmond has been deemed too reactive to be my partner dog during my externship for Animal Behavior College
This is false as well, but I feel I should mention that it is really yet to be decided. 
I started the first phase of my externship on Sunday (I plan to eventually tell you about that). The first phase involves me attending a seven-week group basic obedience class, simply to observe the class/trainer. 
In phase two, which won't begin until after Memorial Day weekend, Desmond will be attending classes with me, and we'll both be acting as participants. Phase two allows my mentor trainer to assess my aptitude for training dogs. When I think about that part, I feel nauseous, but not as nauseous as I do when I think about phase three--which is when I teach or help teach the class. Whose idea was this again??
4. we taught desmond to ring a bell when he has to go potty 
Oh, if only this were true! We intend to teach this to Desmond--and we are fully aware this will likely lead to him ringing the bell when he wants to go outside for no reason at all--because he currently uses whining to tell us he has to go. And he uses whining for all other communications, as well as just for fun, so it's not always easy to tell when he needs to go potty. 
What's the hold up? My husband and I are in a vicious battle with one another over what kind of bell to get. I'm not even kidding. OK, well the battle isn't actually vicious, but we are not on the same page bell-wise right now. 
I'm very concerned about being able to hear the bell from across the house (our living room, where we spend most of our time, has a dining room, kitchen, and small hallway between it and the door). So, it has to be loud. Are jingle bells loud enough? Also, I want it to blend into its surroundings as much as possible. So, I don't want one of those big, plastic doggie bells that look like baby toys.

The other issue is that the hallway the door is in is very small. Just big enough to fit the door. Anything attached to the wall on either side would, essentially, block the door from opening (and it would look ridiculous). We're trying to figure out a way to either hang something from the doorknob (although I really don't want to hear bells every time I open/close the door) or attach something to the molding around the door on the same side as the hinges. 

Anyone have any suggestions?

On a different note, I do have some follow-up information about Desmond's Great Escape. Stay tuned!
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