Tuesday, February 21, 2012

New Examiner.com Article: Rockville Centre & Dogs

my latest Examiner.com article definitely has a local focus. the village of Rockville Centre has found its name in the doggie news recently, for the WKC show and pet therapy. feel free to peruse, even if you're not from Long Island:

Rockville Centre in the news for WKC Dog Show and Pet Therapy

thanks again to all of you for letting me post these links here and not setting me up with a public quartering or boycotting my blog in response!

all i kept thinking the whole time i was writing that article is how desmond would be the worst therapy dog. he's so not interested in people who are interested in him--typical young male, right? ;-) he would say hi, sniff, and then look away. or he might even walk away. so rude. the patients would not appreciate his playing hard to get.

and on a total side note, our village of East Rockaway now has not one but two doggie waste areas (both immediately outside parks that dogs are not allowed in, which confuses me, but whatever)! woo! we're getting more dog friendly. yay!

really bad cell phone, pic, i know. sorry!

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